Springfest 2015


The boys!

The boys at Springfest

Springfest is held over 3 days, and is one of the numerous events held in our home city of Gloucester, in the dock and quays area. It is an event that showcases local businesses that specialise in food, drink and crafts.

Enjoying the music and the bar

Enjoying the music and the bar

Stalls are set up throughout the dock areas selling local and international produce and many different types of foods.  There is a central stage garden area, with a seating area, where local bands play usually from 11 am.


The Big Red Bus Bar with our friends Tony and Tina

If you fancy a tipple there is a bar by the stage and at the other end of the quays is The Big Red Bus Bar, a great novelty bar and where we are normally found!

Tommy and the fuse_picmonkeyed

Tommy and the Fuse at Springfest

The highlight of the day was definitely Tommy and The Fuse.  They really are great entertainers, check out their website here Tommy and the Fuse website and follow on facebook here.

Springfest is a great day out for all the family, we had an excellent time and look forward to the next one!

Springfest and the Gloucester Quays is definitely a place to visit, read about the food festival also held here.

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Have you been to Springfest?  If so we would love to hear your comments below.

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