House Sitting in Cardiff Wales

House Sitting in Cardiff, Wales

We have now been house sitting for a few years and have had some wonderful experiences. House sitting enables us to explore new places like a local, with no accommodation costs and enjoy the company of some furry friends.

We belong to a house sitting community called who have proved to be invaluable in putting us in touch with relevant home owners.

One of our favourite house sits is with Lip and Shadow in Cardiff and we have now house sat for them 7 times. Lip is a Lurcher and Shadow is a Greyhound, both dogs have lots of energy and thoroughly enjoy being taken for long walks. They are very affectionate, and love lots of snuggle’s and fuss. We have got to know them really well now and it’s lovely seeing their happy reactions when we return!

house sitting with Lip and Shadow in Cardiff Wales #housesitting #house #sitting #pet #dog #dogs #look #after #care #bay #city #welsh #atlantic #wharf #canal


house sitting with Lip and Shadow in Cardiff Wales #housesitting #house #sitting #pet #dog #dogs #look #after #care #bay #city #welsh #atlantic #wharf #canal


house sitting with Lip and Shadow in Cardiff Wales #housesitting #house #sitting #pet #dog #dogs #look #after #care #bay #city #welsh #atlantic #wharf #canal

Snuggle’s with Paul

house sitting with Lip and Shadow in Cardiff Wales #housesitting #house #sitting #pet #dog #dogs #look #after #care #bay #city #welsh #atlantic #wharf #canal

View from garden over the canal

house sitting with Lip and Shadow in Cardiff Wales #housesitting #house #sitting #pet #dog #dogs #look #after #care #bay #city #welsh #atlantic #wharf #canal

Paul, Shadow and Lip in the garden

house sitting with Lip and Shadow in Cardiff Wales #housesitting #house #sitting #pet #dog #dogs #look #after #care #bay #city #welsh #atlantic #wharf #canal

The Boys in the garden

What does Cardiff have to offer?

House sitting in Cardiff has been a wonderful experience and a great city to explore. Our location couldn’t be any better right between the bay and the city centre. A 5 minute walk towards Cardiff Bay is the Red Dragon centre this houses, multiple bars and restaurants, a cinema, bowling alley and Casino.

house sitting with Lip and Shadow in Cardiff Wales #housesitting #house #sitting #pet #dog #dogs #look #after #care #bay #city #welsh #atlantic #wharf #canal

The Red Dragon Centre

A further 5 minute walk and you in the centre of Cardiff bay with the very impressive Millennium Centre.

house sitting with Lip and Shadow in Cardiff Wales #housesitting #house #sitting #pet #dog #dogs #look #after #care #bay #city #welsh #atlantic #wharf #canal

Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay

Walk in the other direction for 10 minutes and you are in the Cardiff city centre and at the train station.

house sitting with Lip and Shadow in Cardiff Wales #housesitting #house #sitting #pet #dog #dogs #look #after #care #bay #city #welsh #atlantic #wharf #canal

Live music at the Brewhouse

Cardiff has a great live music scene, we always make sure we visit the Brewhouse in the Brewery Quarter. They showcase some very talented musicians and their happy hours last from 5pm – 9pm on a Friday! For all the sports fans there are plenty of TV’s showing a variety of games.

Cardiff is a great place to visit, and we thoroughly recommend it. It is only an hour away from our home city of Gloucester. We have since been back in our Campervan and stayed on a great camp site in the city centre, for more information about camping in Cardiff click here.

As mentioned above we belong to a great house sitting community called Trusted Housesitters. If you would like to check out our house sitting profile and other references then do visit If you would like us to house sit for you then do please get in touch via our contact us page.

Here are a selection of the References from Lip and Shadow’s owner

‘Carole and Paul have just looked after our dogs fish and home as on previous occasions everything was perfect.

They are able to cope with any unforeseen issues and nothing is too much trouble for them.’

‘This is the third time Carole and Paul have looked after our dogs fish and home.

They really are excellent sitters and 100% reliable nothing is to much trouble for them out pets are always very well cared for and our house far tidier than it was when we left it.

I would be happy to provide more information to anyone considering asking Carole and Paul to sit for them.’

‘Carole & Paul have again been wonderful house sitters they gave excellent care to my two very demanding dogs and numerous fish.

They always ensure every is done to an excellent standard.

Very highly recommended.’

‘Carole and Paul were excellent house sitters I have two very demanding dogs a young lurched and a very active whippet. The day before Carole and Paul arrived I had to take my lurched to the vets he ended up needing daily medication and dressings. Carole and Paul sorted this with no problem. Also whilst we were away the filter on my fish tank broke again they sorted this with no problem. It’s wonderful to go away and not have to worry I cannot recommend Carole and Paul enough I have already asked them to come back. If you want excellent sitters then Carole and Paul are wonderful.’

Thanks for reading!

house sitting with Lip and Shadow in Cardiff Wales #housesitting #house #sitting #pet #dog #dogs #look #after #care #bay #city #welsh #atlantic #wharf #canal

Lip and Shadow

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house sitting with Lip and Shadow in Cardiff Wales #housesitting #house #sitting #pet #dog #dogs #look #after #care #bay #city #welsh #atlantic #wharf #canal

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house sitting with Lip and Shadow in Cardiff Wales #housesitting #house #sitting #pet #dog #dogs #look #after #care #bay #city #welsh #atlantic #wharf #canal

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28 Responses to House Sitting in Cardiff Wales

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  2. Frank says:

    We’ve never housesitted but it is something we would like to do in the future, it especially suits our slow travel lifestyle. I’d love to take care of pets. Do you find it difficult finding sits? How did you get started into it?
    Lovely dogs, they’ve got love in their eyes 🙂
    Frank (Bbqboy)

    • Hi Frank,
      We got started because we wanted to work out when we retire (in 5 years 9 months time!) how we could travel long term with out blowing the budget. Researching we came across house sitting. We joined TrustedHousesitters and started getting some character references and within a couple of months got our first house sit which was only actually a mile away from our house! It has roller balled from there. We now have 20 references and get offered regular house sits, but due to still working full time can only accommodate some. We are really enjoying the house sitting and these two are a joy to look after! You should try it, do let us know if we can give you any other information. Thanks for commenting on our post it really is appreciated!
      Paul and Carole.

  3. Brings back memories! I visited Cardiff way back when I was in college and studying in London. Such a lovely little city. Nice doggies 😀

  4. Deb Ludford says:

    As we start to sell our worldly goods so we can travel we realise house sitting my be for us in years to come. Keep writing. New to blogging here is a link to ours

    • Hi Deb,

      Housesitting is a great way to travel and saving money on accommodation but obviously does come with responsibilities. We have had some excellent housesitting experiences and look forward to more. It takes time to develop a trusted profile so would recommend starting a few years before you would need to rely on it when travelling. Thanks for commenting and will check out your blog.

  5. jenn | By Land and Sea says:

    What fun!! When we travel, we really miss our dogs. Maybe doing something like this would help alleviate some of that? We will keep this in mind for the future!

  6. SamH Travels says:

    This looks like a great way to visit places, without an expensive accommodation bill 🙂
    SamH Travels recently posted…Hillsborough River State Park in FloridaMy Profile

    • Yes thats why we started it a few years ago to get a an established profile which will enable us to travel with free accommodation in the future. Very rewarding too, all part of the retirement plan!

  7. We are dying to sign up for housesitting, we just need to slow down our travelling first and plan to be somewhere for longer than a few days! It’s great to hear your story though, it has reminded and encouraged me to pull my finger out as we can’t think of anything more fantastic than looking after someone’s beloved pet for a while! What a fabulous time to be in Cardiff for this as well, bonus!! Thanks for sharing your story, I will make a note to get onto this right away! #feetdotravel

    • We can’t house sit as much as we like to due to working full time but try and do a couple a year so that we can build up our profile and references. All part of the retirement plan free accommodation and pets for company it’s a win win. Will make our plan to travel for longer financially viable. Thanks for your comment.

  8. Travel Lexx says:

    I really want to try house sitting as it would be a really good and cheap way of travelling the world – so it’s great to see that this works and that you can have a good time while you’re doing it! Fantastic idea and I will definitely look at making my own profile and trying it out somewhere! Thanks for sharing!

  9. What a great idea, I’ve never thought of house-sitting with pets. Definitely a win-win!
    Shona @ recently posted…Tuscany: Introducing the Mad Butcher of Panzano!My Profile

  10. We have the same plan as you but have slightly longer to wait for the pension – it seems like an ideal way to travel and see the world in an affordable way! We have signed up with Trusted Housesitters but have a little problem – she is called Sally and is our own 11 year old dog! I will have to keep you in mind if we need somebody to house sit in the next few months!
    Tracy McConnachie Collins recently posted…A day trip to Malmö from CopenhagenMy Profile

  11. Only By Land says:

    Wouldn’t it be amazing if Leicester won the Champions League in Cardiff this summer! House sitting looks to be an interesting experience and you must have got close to the dogs too, they must have been excited each time you returned! The location of the property sounds perfect too with downtown being a 10 minute walk away.

  12. Kreete says:

    Ive been wanting to get into housesitting and it’s great to read more about your experience. I would toally get you to sit our future house along with future cats and dogs and goats and chooks haha! Just have to come to Australia 😬
    Kreete recently posted…TOP 5 Things To Do On Magnetic Island, QLDMy Profile

  13. Sarah says:

    How do you arrange the housesitting opportunities! That’s definitely something I could get onboard with – especially if they come with furry friends like this 😀

    • We joined Trusted Housesitters and have been building a profile with references, there are other sites to so worth doing reading and seeing which would suit you. We have really enjoyed our house sitting opportunities and hope to do longer sits when we retire. Thanks for your comment!

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