10 Reasons for cruising with Marella

10 Reasons to Cruise With Marella

If you have been following our blog it will come as no surprise that we love cruising and we have now cruised 20 times.

We have found the best part about travel blogging is connecting with like minded people and meeting Emma has been a highlight. Emma runs a website called Cruising isn’t just for old people and has been running a themed set of interesting blog posts called ’10 things you should know before cruising with……’.

She invited us to do a guest post and after cruising with Thomson last year we put together a blog post called ’10 things you should know before cruising with Thomson’ and you can read it here.

10 reasons to cruise with thomson

Thomson Celebration Cruise Ship

We met Emma through her Facebook group Cruising isn’t for just for old people an excellent group that share our passion for cruising and is a great forum to discuss anything to do with cruising. So if you love cruising go on over to this page and like it, it really is full of interesting information.

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10 things you should know before cruising with Thomson

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