Paul and Carole’s Best Travel Accessories

There are certain travel accessories that we have been using for many years and always take on our travels. The purpose of this page is to share the products that we know have made our travels easier and show you our recommendations.

Ocean Pack Dry Bags

We now own 3 Ocean Pack Dry Bags, 2 x 15 litres and 1 x 5 litres. These bags go everywhere with us and there are many reasons why we love them.

Firstly they are waterproof, so ideal for the beach and swimming pool and the crazy rain storms that we have encountered on our travels, particularly in Thailand. Secondly they keep our valuables secure, with the snap clip you can attach the bags to the beach umbrella, table/ chair legs wherever you are sitting so thieves can not easily pinch them. The roll down top also stops thieves from reaching in grabbing your items. The long strap enables you to wear them over your body too. They are ideal for camping and we use them constantly when we are dog walking on our house sits. We have also used these for festivals, ideal for filling with cans of beer covered in ice, a perfect cool bag! They come in a variety of sizes and colours so take your pick!

Hot Tuna Backpack

Not only do we use this backpack as hand luggage for our holidays, but I also use it for work. I work between two hospitals so am constantly carrying folders and paperwork etc and this has been an excellent robust back pack. It has a lap top compartment too which is a real bonus.

Water Shoes

We are now on our 3rd pair of water shoes, they are ideal for a walk on the beach, getting to the sea when the sand is too hot, also wearing in the sea if your worried that your toes will get nibbled!

I made the mistake of forgetting them on a girly trip to Fuengirola and also wish I had put these in my bag when we visited Santorini, but unfortunately had left them on the ship! Each episode resulted in damaged feet!

TSA Combination Lock

It is always handy to carry extra combination locks with you. Dependant on where we are I may lock the backpack or we have used these as second locks for hotel safes that have been in reception. We have both types of locks with and without the cable. They are small and light to carry too.

Power Banks

For a long time now I have been using the Anker power bank, it is small and handy for a handbag and will charge my Samsung Note 8 or my Aedilys Action Cam up to about 80%. So if you are just out for the day or a night out it is ideal.

Power Banks

However, now that we are taking more photos and especially videos we have been looking for something more robust that could potentially last if we were away for the weekend. We think we have found it! Thanks to a friend Amy's recommendation we have just purchased the EC Technology Power Bank 22400, and we have not been disappointed.

Beach Towel Pegs

Fed up off your towel flapping in your face or slipping down your sunbed? We use these towel pegs all the time now and the towel stays perfectly in place. We love these travel accessories and they are as cheap as chips!

Travel Plugs

This is a no brainer really, we always take a combination of round and flat pins. We have learnt that some cruise ships take both and so do some hotels! We always recommend an extension lead too, so if you only have one plug socket you can still charge multiple items.

Holiday Reads

If you love cruising then you will love this! Passionate cruisers telling their stories including us! It really is a great read.

Check out our Top 5 travel accessories video

All these travel accessories have been tried and tested by us independently we have not received any sponsorship or free gifts, as always all views are honest and our own.

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