3 Reasons To House Sit

We have now been housesitting for 3 years, and are thoroughly enjoying it. We belong to an excellent house sitting community called TrustedHousesitters.com who have proved to be invaluable in putting us in touch with relevant home owners. House sitting can be a scary prospect. There are a number of things you can do to make the process better, such as checking out home security camera options if you’re worried about anything happening to your house whilst you’re away.

Here are our 3 reasons to house sit.

Exploring new areas as a local

Getting a chance to explore an area you might never of thought of visiting before. We have been lucky to have been invited back to Cardiff 4 times and love the city, each time we discover something new.

3 reasons to house sit

Cardiff Bay

3 reasons we love to house sit

Cardiff Castle

3 reasons we love to house sit

Atlantic Wharf

Because we are both in full time employment, we have chosen some of our house sits in our home county of Gloucestershire and neighbouring counties. You can read about our house sitting experiences here. This has enabled us to explore areas that are on our doorstep that we would of otherwise not explored. It has also given us an appreciation of how beautiful our home county of Gloucestershire is.

Edgemore Inn

View over to Painswick Town from the Edgemore Inn

Spending time with some adorable furry friends

We have met some adorable characters along the way, that have proved to be excellent company, and it has been difficult to leave at the end of the house sit. We love the dog walking and the exercise doesn’t do us any harm either.

3 reasons we love to house sit

Lip and Shadow, Cardiff

3 reasons to house sit

Chelsea, Gloucester

3 reasons we love to house sit


3 reasons to house sit

Puddles and Jasmine, Cheltenham

We have also learn’t new skills from looking after unfamiliar pets, but now are able to look a variety of fish and a bearded dragon!

3 reasons to house sit

Yoshi, Abbeymead

We have only had one difficult experience so it is important you do your research. Only take on house sits that you feel totally comfortable with, we are glad we had this experience and learn’t this in the early stages.

Free accommodation

This is a no brainer, staying in a property for free obviously cuts down on your travel expenses. However, this comes with responsibilities and it is crucial that you treat the properties with the up most respect. We have a checklist that we use and ensure that both owner and house sitter expectations are the same. We also ensure that we leave the property spotless which increases the chances of you being asked to house sit again.

3 reasons to house sit

Red in Edge

If you would like us to house sit for you please do get in touch and you can find our Trusted Housesitters profile here.

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These are our 3 reasons to house sit but would love to hear your reasons why you house sit in the comments below.

3 reasons we love to housesit


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7 Responses to 3 Reasons To House Sit

  1. Carolin says:

    I recently signed up with Trusted Housesitters and am now about to embark on my first house sitting experience in Australia, I cannot wait!! 🙂 And I am very much looking forward to exploring and living like a local while taking care of the pets.

  2. We are about to start our 3rd housesit in the Netherlands! We love it for the same reasons you stated. Excited to see another part of the world we never knew about before this opportunity!

    • Excellent, thanks for your comment! It certainly takes you to areas that you may not necessarily have planned! Have you found any difficulties in house sitting where the language is not your fist language or do you speak Dutch?

  3. Frank says:

    Love the dogs. I’m writing this in George, South Africa where we have 4 beautiful dogs (including 2 Irish setters) in the guesthouse.
    Housesitting something we have to do sometime, it totally complements our lifestyle, especially as we spend anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months somewhere. I guess what is holding us back is the ‘obligation’. But spending time with pets is amazing and I think we’ll have to eventually give it a shot.
    Frank (bbqboy)

    • Housesitting does come with responsibilities, but it is so worth it, spending time with pets is so rewarding. If you do decide to try it that we would recommend doing short sits, long weekends, maximum a week so you can have a taster to see if it suits you. If it doesn’t well at least you’ve tried it. It would suit your slower travelling style which is what we want to achieve in the future too ~ Carole

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