Jen Orchardgateway Hotel Review Singapore

Jen Orchardgateway Hotel Review Singapore

We had just enjoyed a fantastic trip around South East Asia, including a cruise and were on our last stop before heading back home to England. We arrived at Changi Airport, after a short flight from Koh Samui, Thailand. We jumped in a taxi and headed straight to the Jen Orchardgateway Hotel.

Checking in

When you go through the main entrance, you arrive at a small reception and we were then told to go get in the lift and take our bags to the 19th floor to the Club rooms reception. When you pay the high prices in Singapore for a 4* hotel, we were surprised to have to lug our own suitcases around.

When we did get to the reception, the check in was very smooth. The staff were very pleasant, and we were given our key to our Club room 2036. We were left to take our cases back to the lift and up to our room, not a great distance but again a little frustrating. Sorry to harp on about this minor detail, we are very used to pushing our own cases around as we normally travel on a budget so when we do splash out and pay luxury prices we expect those added touches, and to be honest this was not the best first impression.

The Club King Room at the Jen Orchardgateway Hotel

Walking into our room on the 20th floor, we did perk up as it was really spacious and the view out of our window over to the Marina Bay was impressive.

Jen Orchardgateway Hotel

Jen orchardgateway hotel room view

There was plenty of storage and the safe was an excellent size and easily would of fitted a large laptop. There was a large television in the room with a fair selection of stations in English. The bed was really big, comfortable and had luxury bedding. There was a weighted blanket on the bed which was amazing. It was like one of the ones you can get at loveblankets. We had never heard of them before, but we both had one of the best sleeps we’ve had in ages. We asked the staff about the blanket and they told us how these blankets can produce a sense of calm and help you to have a good night’s sleep. I would say they definitely work! We stayed in a hotel a few months ago and the bedding was awful. The room had bed bugs and the hotel had to get some pest control experts to come and get rid of them. Luckily this room was the complete opposite!!

Dressing gowns and slippers were provided. We often wonder why the majority of guests find it normal behaviour to walk round the hotel and swimming pool area in this attire. This was the same at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel when we stayed there too, maybe we are just a little bit too British as when it comes to wearing a dressing gown it is normally only worn in the privacy of your own home!

The shower was not huge but clean and a pouch of quality showering products was provided. The toilet was a particular highlight as had front and back bottom washers, we certainly felt very refreshed after using it!

The only negative comment would be that the room did smell a bit musty when we first walked in, however this was not noticeable after a while.

Club Benefits

Jen Orchardgateway Hotel

Club Lounge

The room we booked was a Club Room which gave you access to the Club Lounge. The Club lounge was open 12-5 and snacks and soft drinks were available. There was a reasonable choice and the lounge was spacious with plenty of seating areas and great views.

Jen Orchardgateway Hotel

Snacks in the Club Lounge

Jen Orchardgateway Hotel


The lounge closes briefly until 530pm when it reopens for evening snacks and alcoholic beverages until 730pm. The selection also changes, which we really enjoyed, including cold meats, cheeses, and lots of cake! There was also some very spicy prawn crackers that went down very well with the white wine and the cold beer.

Jen Orchardgateway Hotel

Club lounge

The infinity Pool

One of the reasons we booked this hotel was for the pool. The pool area was stunning with plenty of sitting areas and space and we were not disappointed.

Jen Orchardgateway Hotel

The comfiest sunbeds!

Now we can definitely say that these green bean bags are the comfiest sun beds that we encountered on our trip, in fact on any trip we have done.They are in demand but if you keep a watch and pounce as soon as someone moves they are heavenly!

Jen Orchardgateway Hotel

Infinity pool

Have a look around the pool area at the Jen Orchardgateway Hotel…..

Breakfast at the Jen Orchardgateway Hotel

We could choose to eat breakfast in the main dining room on floor 10 or in the Club Lounge. We chose the main dining room, the selection was very good with the usual egg station, cooked breakfast including bacon, sausage etc. There were also noodles and curry stations, different breads, cakes and pastries, there was even bread and butter pudding. For dessert there was ice cream available including Dorian flavour!

Checking out

We had an early flight back to the UK so we were given a packed breakfast which included orange juice, pastries and fruit which we enjoyed at the airport. The checkout was efficient and the receptionist had already arranged a large taxi to the airport which was really comfortable, just what we needed at 5 in the morning.

The location of the Jen Orchardgateway Hotel

The location of the hotel is perfect for getting around Singapore, it is attached to a shopping mall which houses the Somerset NS23 underground train station.

Jen Orchardgateway Hotel

Orchard Road

We returned to the Gardens by the Bay one of our favourite places to visit in Singapore, navigating the MRT was easy and cheap. It is on the Orchard Road which is central and a shoppers paradise.

Jen Orchardgateway Hotel

Gardens by the Bay

The Cost of staying at the Jen Orchardgateway Hotel

We paid $859 (Singapore $) = £445 for our 2 night stay, so £222.50 per night. This was a slight surprise as when we booked it the total appeared less, however, we had missed the infamous Singapore taxes that add an extra 17%. We should of known this as it was our 4th hotel stay in Singapore so we have no excuses, just make sure you check when booking!


We have mixed feelings on our stay at the Jen Orchardgateway Hotel. The pool area was superb, and the bean bag sunbeds were so comfortable. Booking the Club Room was worth it because of the lounge access, dining out and alcohol is so expensive in Singapore.

The suitcase issue, the slightly musty smell were minor issues, didn’t spoil our stay but is not what you would expect in a luxury hotel.

We enjoyed our stay here, the location is perfect but we don’t think it is worth the high cost. We would stay here again but only if we could get a great deal with reduced rates.


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Have you stayed at the Jen Orchardgateway? Did you think it was worth the price you payed? We would also love to hear from any dressing gown wearing folk in the comments below?!

You can visit the Jen Orchardgateway Hotels website here for more information.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Frank says:

    Wow, I’m a bit blown away by the prices of hotels in Singapore. I guess that’s not a mid-range hotel? We’re probably spending a bit of time in Singapore later in the year and there’s no way I’m paying those kind of prices.

    Frank (bbqboy)

    • This is 4 star but you can get cheaper, we found one called The Perak Hotel which was in Little India where we stayed for one night when we got off the ship, just haven’t got round to doing the review as yet! It was £70 and was in a great location. Check that out, unfortunately not a lot is cheap in Singapore, but it is a great place to visit.

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    Thank you for sharing this one. I was able to get a good perspective when it comes to hotel booking. By the way, this is a great review! 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

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