Rhodes Greece Cruise Port Information – How to make the most of your day!

Rhodes Greece Cruise Port Information

How to make the most of your day!

On our recent Aegean Shores Cruise on the Marella Dream Cruise Ship we visited the island of Rhodes Greece. If you are planning a visit we hope this post is useful and will help you make the most of your day.

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Old Town Rhodes

Rhodes Greece sits in the Aegean Sea, surrounded by its beautiful blue waters. It is located just 12 miles off the coast of Turkey, and it is the largest of Greece’s 12 Dodecanese islands.

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Sailing into Rhodes Greece

Where does the Cruise Ship dock in Rhodes Greece?

The cruise port is ideally placed and located just to the east of the old town. 

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The Thomson Dream docked close to the walls of the Old Town in Rhodes Greece

How do you get to the Old Town Rhodes Greece?

As you leave the ship turn right and within 5 minutes you will be in front of St. Catherine‘s Gate. On the way to the old town you will also pass a very small beach. It was full of blue Thomson towels and families enjoying a dip in the Aegean Sea. We wished we had known this beach was here as we would of loved to have taken a dip. So don’t forget your towel and ideally some water shoes as it looked quite pebbly too.

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John, Jan and I by the little beach in Rhodes Greece

What can I do in Rhodes Greece?

Visiting the Old Town is a must, it is a maze of cobblestone streets, with historic buildings dating from the 14th century and within walking distance of the Ship. It’s one of the best preserved medieval towns in the world and a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. There are plenty of shopping opportunities in the old and new town, and countless restaurants where you can get refreshments, further information below.

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Grounds around the Palace of the Knights of St John

The main attraction here is the Palace of the Grand Masters, built in the 14th century by the Knights of St. John. It houses a museum and is an interesting place to visit. We had visited here on a previous trip, the grounds are huge and we did have difficulty trying to find the way out back into the old town. If you do decide to visit here make sure you take a map and a bottle of water, we so wished we had!

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The walls of the Old Town

Where can I eat in Rhodes Greece?

There are plenty of restaurants where you can get a variety of food and drink, you really are spoilt for choice. We must admit it does get a bit tiresome with the constant harassment of the staff from the restaurants trying to get you to eat and drink at theirs, and why is it that they think if you are from England we all say loverly jubbely like Del Boy from Only Fools and Horses! Amusing to start with but that soon did wear off.

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Paul, John and Jan waiting for their meal

We decided to stop at Odyssey Restaurant despite the Del Boy impressions, and must say we did have a very good meal. Greek salad and lamb chops were enjoyed by all, it really was delicious and reasonably priced. We paid 6.50 euros for the salad and 11.90 euros for the Lamb Chops.

rhodes greece town old cruise port information #rhodes #old #town #greece #rodos #cruise #port #information #review #europe #cruising #cruising #tips #travel #advice

Superb Greek Salad at Odyssey Restaurant

Where can I drink in Rhodes Greece?

There are bars everywhere and within minutes from the ship. We stopped at a bar near the entrance to the old town as Paul is partial to a cold pint of Mythos. However do be aware that one of the gimmicks of Rhodes Greece is drinking your beer out of a boot, and it can come at a hefty price. Be very careful, as you may end up with a huge boot full of 2 litres of beer which will cost 20 euros. We asked for 3 pints of Mythos but were told that they don’t have any pint glasses so we settled for a litre boot which we shared between 3. The litre boot cost 9 euros and we were given 3 small glasses, which was fine until we noticed the waiter serving the next table gave them pint glasses! Don’t let this put you off, but just be aware of the potential scams to get extra money from tourists.

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Paul’s Dad John enjoying local beer in a boot!

Where can I shop in Rhodes Greece?

The old town of is full of shopping opportunities. Every alleyway and corner you turn there are shops offering all sorts of souvenirs.

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Plenty of opportunities for shopping

But it is not just the Old Town that attracts visitors shoppers. The New Town, located across from the Mandraki Harbor contains a large marketplace. The Nea Agora, or New Market as it is called, contains a food court, gift shops, cafes and bars.

rhodes greece town old cruise port information #rhodes #old #town #greece #rodos #cruise #port #information #review #europe #cruising #cruising #tips #travel #advice

Nea Agora in the New Town

If you walk further into the New Town there are many hotels, high street style shops and a casino is also available for those who want to try their luck at games of chance.

The walk back from the new town to the ship took about 30 minutes, it is a lovely walk past the harbour.

rhodes greece town old cruise port information #rhodes #old #town #greece #rodos #cruise #port #information #review #europe #cruising #cruising #tips #travel #advice

Walking back to the Ship from the New Town

Where can you find WiFi in Rhodes, Greece?

Everywhere! All bars and restaurants have free WiFi. We have free Euro zone data roaming with EE which was great, however we did get caught out as we sailed away.  Rhodes is very near to the coast of Turkey and you will pick up signal from Turkey as you sail away, so don’t forgot to turn off your data roaming as soon as you re join the ship, we forgot and got charged £5 for the pleasure!

rhodes greece town old cruise port information #rhodes #old #town #greece #rodos #cruise #port #information #review #europe #cruising #cruising #tips #travel #advice

Looking out St Catherine’s Gate in Rhodes Greece

What else can we do in Rhodes?

If you want to head further a field there are some beautiful places to visit. About an hour away is Lindos and the Acropolis, another UNESCO site that has the most stunning views. If it is beaches you are after Faliraki or Tsambika are not too far away. For more information about places to visit then do visit rhodesguide.com.

If you do decide to venture further a field make sure you are back to the ship in plenty of time as you do not want to miss the sail away!

Our Verdict

Rhodes Greece is an excellent cruise port destination as you are docked so close to the old town it is ideal. Rhodes really does have it all, including a tiny beach. We were so glad it was on our cruise itinerary, we had a fantastic day exploring both old and new and know we will return again one day.

Have you cruised to Rhodes? Is there any other useful information you could add? We would love to hear in the comments below.

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rhodes greece town old cruise port information #rhodes #old #town #greece #rodos #cruise #port #information #review #europe #cruising #cruising #tips #travel #advice

A great day out in Rhodes Greece

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Rhodes Greece cruise port destination information

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The old town of Rhodes Greece

rhodes greece town old cruise port information #rhodes #old #town #greece #rodos #cruise #port #information #review #europe #cruising #cruising #tips #travel #advice

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  1. ‘Luvely Jubbly’. Yeah, you hear that all over the world from people who don’t speak any English. Where do they get it from?? Are they all really avid watchers of Only Fools and Horses? Anyway, great post. Rhodes looks great and drinking beer from a boot isn’t so bad, even if it’s more expensive!

  2. I like when the ships dock close to the action. A short walk or short ride will take you to where you need to be. I went to Rhodes long time ago and do not remember seeing the places you show in here. I do not remember the castle. Need to go back then! #feetdotravel

  3. I have cruised to Rhodes but visited twice and both times I went to Lindos, I can thoroughly recommend it! In Egypt they like to say “luvely jubbly” as well, here in Indonesia, when they find out we are English they say (in their best English accent) “can I get a bott-le o’ water” .. all the time, wherever we go haha. Great tips you have given on Rhodes and the Old Town, pinned to my Greek board! #feetdotravel

  4. Barry says:

    Looks like you guys had a great trip! I visited Greece a couple of months ago for the first time and loved it – surprised I hadn’t got around to seeing the country sooner. Haven’t been to Rhodes though, will have to check it out one day.
    Barry recently posted…Explore Australia Off the Beaten TrackMy Profile

  5. Another great stop on your cruise. I’ll definitely get to Rhodes one day and it may well be on a cruise. I love that the port is so close to old town. Perfect when you only have a few hours.
    Shona @ paraphernalia.co recently posted…GUEST POST: Travel Hacking – How YOU Can Travel Like A Rockstar!My Profile

  6. Amanda says:

    Looks like you really enjoyed Rhodes, it’s a shame you didn’t have time to see more the island has lots to offer. I’m lucky to live there all year round and blog about it too 🙂

    • Wow you are lucky to live there! A day is definitely not long enough, luckily we have holidayed 3 times before in Rhodes and loved each time. We are sure we will be back for the 4th time in the future!

  7. Annalise says:

    Rhodes is such a beautiful little island and this is such a good guide on what to do and see. The food looks amazing too – drinking beer out of a shoe maybe isn’t my choice of glass though 😉

  8. Marcelle says:

    First class information for Rhodos travellers. I’ll save it for later referral.

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  10. Anisa says:

    Doing a cruise to the Greek Islands is definitely on my bucketlist. Rhodes sounds like a great port. It is always nice when the port is conveniently located and the walk to/from town sounds lovely. Plus good way to burn off the calories from the delicious food! Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.
    Anisa recently posted…Hornblower Niagara Cruises Vs Maid of the MistMy Profile

  11. Michelle says:

    Rhodes looks like a beautiful town to visit. I was quite amused by the drinking beer out of a boot bit – that’s what my (British) colleagues used to force each other to do at parties to take the mickey. Not sure if it’s an exclusively Greek thing, but I see that you guys are British too, so I really have no idea! It’s a funny world.

  12. Jo says:

    We’re going to Rhodes next year so these were handy tips – I’ll be avoiding the boot of beer!

  13. Esther says:

    Oh Greece, what is not to love!! The people are always so nice and the islands are gorgeous! Rhodes is no exception by the look of it.
    Esther recently posted…24 hours in The HagueMy Profile

  14. Lolo says:

    Ah I want to go to Rhodes so badly!! Did you feel that a few hours in port was enough? Probably not! I’d never want to leave! Thanks for linking up with #TheWeeklyPostcard!
    Lolo recently posted…The Weekly PostcardMy Profile

  15. Tomas says:

    Looks like you really enjoy your stay on Rhodos. We haven’t been to Rhodos yet, but I will pin it for later 😉 #TheWeeklyPostcard

  16. Anda says:

    I would love getting lost on the cobblestone streets in Rhodes. Every New Year I promise myself that I’ll go to Greece, but it still didn’t happen. You make me very jealous… #TheWeeklyPostcard

  17. Oh! We’ve never managed to visit Greece although I’ve always dreamed of this destination. Those pictures are really nice. I love the old city of Rhodes. Glad that you had a good time there! Thanks for sharing in #TheWeeklyPostcard.

  18. We have yet to visit Rhodes, but have been considering a cruise to see the islands. Great resource – we’ll definitely keep this handy! Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

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  21. Julz says:

    Would love to go to Rhodes! Great tips 🙂 am pinning for future reference. Luvely jubbly 😂 haha so funny

  22. Shona says:

    Rhodes looks like a very easy to navigate cruise port with everything you need for a great stop. I’ll be sure to steer clear of beer in a boot, that’s for sure. 🙂

  23. Looks like you spend a fun day at Rhodos island. Last year I have spent my summer holidays at Rhodes island and also visited the Rhodos old city center – definitely recommended.

  24. Sharon says:

    What a lovely island, and I had not heard of this place in Greece. That’s good to know the ship can dock so close. My daughter is on cruise in Italy now and she knows that the boat will dock a 90-minute shuttle away from Rome. That cuts the day so short. I would certainly want to venture a little further and see the Acropolis! Pinning for future travel planning!
    Sharon recently posted…Reasons to Book an Airbnb vs HotelMy Profile

  25. Great writeup! I always envy your cruise adventures. I can finally say that Greece is the one place I have been myself! I appreciate you sharing all of the experiences, not just the nice ones. This just goes to show we have to be vigilant when travelling!

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