9 things you need to know about your cruise sea pass

9 things to know about your

cruise sea pass

Sea Pass

Sea Pass from the Explorer of the Seas

These are our sea passes from our Norway fjords cruise and here are 9 things that are useful to know about your cruise sea pass

  • It is issued to you on embarkation when you book in, a photo is taken and this then becomes your ship identification
  • It is your stateroom key and you also need to put it in a slot so that the electricity works
  • Ships operate on a cashless system and your sea pass is used for all your purchases on board, your account can then be settled by cash or card at the end of your cruise.  In your stateroom, your account can be checked via the TV.  Do keep a check on this, as the last two cruises we have had discrepancies on our account which was easily sorted by visiting the Guest Relations desk
  • For security reasons you will be asked to show your sea pass every time you leave and re-enter the ship
  • On the picture you will see a large number B05, this identifies your muster station that you should report to in the event of an emergency. This is the same place you attend in the safety demonstration before sail away
  • You can see a white sticker that has PP on it, this denotes that a drinks package has been purchased.  See here for drinks packages available on Royal Caribbean Ships.
  • Your dining plans are on the centre of your card – we were in the Sapphire Dining Room, on table 380 on the main sitting at 6pm.  Other options were second sitting at 830pm and anytime dining was also available between 530pm and 930pm, this can be decided on booking.
  • We have GOLD written on the bottom of these cards, this means that we were gold members of the Crown and Anchor Club which is the loyalty club for Royal Caribbean.  For each night spent on a cruise ship you accrue 1 point, to get gold status you only need to have cruised for 3 nights.  The next level is Platinum which can be achieved by sailing for 30 nights, which we have now achieved. For more information regarding the Crown and Anchor club click here
  • If you are ever in the position where you lose your sea pass, do contact the Guests Relations Desk immediately

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