Travel tips from the over 40’s

One of the most surprising and rewarding things that we have discovered since we joined the world of travel blogging is connecting with like minded people around the world. At first it appeared that there were a lot of younger travellers with travel blogs but not so many mature travellers. However, we have now discovered there are plenty of other travellers of a similar age to us sharing their stories.

Cathy is one of these that we have connected with and she runs the excellent Cathy is a mother of 4, who’s started her website to to chronicle the training and journey to the “Rooftop of Africa” – Mt. Kilimanjaro. Since that time it has now expanded, and is full of useful tips and advice for travellers.

Cathy has put together this collaborative post of travel tips from travellers over the age of 40, and we are delighted to be included!

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Travel tips from the over 40's

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