Marella Speciality Restaurants Review

On our recent cruise on the Marella Discovery Cruise Ship we visited two of the Marella speciality restaurants on board. Here is our review of the Kora La and Surf and Turf.

Marella Speciality Restaurants – Surf and Turf

Of the Marella speciality restaurants on board we visited the Surf and Turf first. This restaurant is not included in the all inclusive price and costs £28.95 per person. Situated behind Bar 11 on deck 11, entry is via the glass elevator from the atrium or by the stairs from deck 10 aft.

A couple of tips before you visit Surf and Turf. Pop in a few days before your visit to look at the lay out of the tables, some are very close together, so if you want a more personal experience you can book the table in advance rather than turning up and being given whatever is allocated. Also if you book to eat on a port day it can sometimes be cheaper because it’s less busy, we found this out by chance as our bill came to £21.95 because of that.

You can book the speciality restaurants as soon as you get on board at reception on the large interactive screens around the ship or by using the the Marella Navigate app, to find out more follow this link.

Service was prompt and very efficient and after they had taken our order we were served a freshly baked baguette some butter and a choice of three flavoured salts served in tiny bowls. You mix a small amount of salt with some butter then spread it on the warm bread to prepare your palate for the meal ahead. Carole really loved this concept but I was not so keen.

Marella Speciality Restaurants Review - Surf & Turf Menu #MarellaDiscovery #MarellaCruises #cruise #food #dining #cruiseship #specialitydining #surfandturf #menu
Marella Speciality Restaurants Review - Surf & Turf #MarellaDiscovery #MarellaCruises #cruise #food #dining #cruiseship #specialitydining #surf #turf #scallops
Marella Speciality Restaurants Review - Surf & Turf starter prawn crayfish #MarellaDiscovery #MarellaCruises #cruise #food #dining #cruiseship #specialitydining #KoraLa #starter #prawns

To start we had pan seared divers scallops in a baby leek and pancetta fondue with saffron infused champagne cream and a a prawn and crayfish cocktail. The scallops were cooked to absolute perfection and the prawns and sauce were delicious and even though the crayfish was very awkward to eat, it did make the dish look very pleasing to the eye.

We decided that we were going to share the 32oz Tomahawk Rib Eye steak. Well we knew it was going to be big but it was huge! They bought it out whole to show us before taking it away to carve. We had ordered it medium rare and it was cooked to perfection! You can also pick 3 side dishes to go with your meat. We chose chips, asparagus and lobster mac and cheese which sounds odd but was the best mac and cheese we have ever had!

I couldn’t manage a pudding but Carole managed half a cheesecake! It was a fabulous meal with exceptional service and we will definitely treat ourselves again when we cruise with Marella.

Marella Speciality Restaurants Review - Surf & Turf Tomahawk Steak #MarellaDiscovery #MarellaCruises #cruise #food #dining #cruiseship #specialitydining #Tomahawk #steak
Marella Speciality Restaurants Review - Surf & Turf Tomahawk Steak #MarellaDiscovery #MarellaCruises #cruise #food #dining #cruiseship #specialitydining #Tomahawk #steak
Marella Speciality Restaurants Review - Surf & Turf dessert cheedecake #MarellaDiscovery #MarellaCruises #cruise #food #dining #cruiseship #specialitydining #dessert #cheesecake

Marella Speciality Restaurants – Kora La

A few nights later we visited another of the Marella speciality restaurants Kora La and again it did not disappoint. Next door to Surf and Turf the seating gives you wonderful views out across the pool deck.

The pre starter of prawns with speciality breads and crackers were amazing. The warm soft naan bread, crispy prawn crackers and wafer thin poppadoms came with three dips and were soon demolished. Onto our choices of starters, which were crispy pork belly and prawn satay. Well what can we say but this was the best belly pork we have ever tasted. The pork was cooked to perfection and somehow managed to be soft and crispy all at the same time and came in a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce. The prawn satay was off the chain too with big juicy prawns in a rich nutty sauce. To be honest if the meal had finished here we both felt we had already had our monies worth. However the mains were still to come.

Carole chose beef penang, which is one of our favourite dishes when we travel to Thailand. It was going to be a tough act to follow but follow it they did. Soft and juicy cubes of succulent beef in a rich and spicy coconut milk sauce with just the right amount of heat, it was delicious. My choice was lamb madras, large pieces of tender slow cooked lamb in a thick madras sauce finished with a swirl of fresh cream. We both love spicy food and we asked for hot and they did not let us down.

This was an amazing all round dining experience with exceptional food and service and we would highly recommend it. It cost £22.95 per person, which was fabulous value for money.

We were very impressed with the food on the Marella Discovery and would thoroughly recommend both of these Marella speciality restaurants. Could we pick a favourite…….. unfortunately not they were both so good!

We have put this video together discussing our experiences to compliment this post.

We have also put together this Marella Discovery all inclusive food and dining guide which we recommend you read next.

Marella Speciality Restaurants Review - Kora La Menu #MarellaDiscovery #MarellaCruises #cruise #food #dining #cruiseship #specialitydining #KoraLa #Menu
Marella Speciality Restaurants Review - Kora La starter breads and dips #MarellaDiscovery #MarellaCruises #cruise #food #dining #cruiseship #specialitydining #Kora La #starter
Marella Speciality Restaurants Review - Kora La starter breads and dips #MarellaDiscovery #MarellaCruises #cruise #food #dining #cruiseship #specialitydining #Kora La #starter #prawn
Marella Speciality Restaurants Review - Kora La starter belly pork #MarellaDiscovery #MarellaCruises #cruise #food #dining #cruiseship #specialitydining #KoraLa #bellypork

Marella Speciality Restaurants Review - Kora La Prawns Satay #MarellaDiscovery #MarellaCruises #cruise #food #dining #cruiseship #specialitydining #Kora La #prawn #satay
Marella Speciality Restaurants Review - Kora La Lamb Madras #MarellaDiscovery #MarellaCruises #cruise #food #dining #cruiseship #specialitydining #Kora La #Lamb #Madras

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Marella Speciality Restaurants Review - We visited two the speciality restaurants on board the Marella Discovery. Here is our review of the Kora La and Surf and Turf. Which one did we prefer?

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