Parrot Bar, Kalithea Avenue, Rhodes, Greece

Parrot Bar, Kalithea Avenue

Rhodes, Greece


The Parrot Bar is situated on Kalithea Avenue near to the village of Koskinou, in Rhodes. We found the Parrot Bar approximately 5 minutes walk from our hotel Castello Di Rodi.  It is opposite the Koskinou House Restaurant which was our favourite restaurant during our stay.

parrot bar

Parrot Bar

The bar is clean and the chairs comfortable, there are 3 separate covered areas and a pretty courtyard covered in bougainvillea, with a water feature, which at night is colourfully lit and looked stunning. Smoking is allowed which seemed strange after being used to no smoking in the pubs in the UK. The staff and owner were very friendly and service was prompt.

parrot bar


Bar prices were reasonable, a Mythos beer and a glass of wine were 2 euro’s 50 cents each. The toilets were of a good standard which we were really happy about!

parrot bar

Pedro the Parrot

It is called the Parrot bar because at approximately 9-930 Pedro the Parrot makes an appearance.  This is no ordinary parrot, Pedro says hello to the customers as they walk in and also says goodbye as they leave.

Pedro is also an acrobat who can move along a tightrope, hang upside down and spin around his perch each time being rewarded with a monkey nut.

Parrot Bar

Pedro walking upside down along the tightrope

This was all very impressive but the highlight of the night was seeing Pedro drink a shot!

Parrot Bar


We had a very enjoyable evening at the Parrot Bar, however, one thing we did learn is not to try and tease a parrot who drinks shots as it’s beak can be very sharp as you can see from Paul’s finger!

The parrot bite!

The parrot bite!

Have you visited the Parrot Bar?  If so we would love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.

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