Travel Agent - Why we are now using one and why we recommend that you do too!

Historically we have always used a variety of ways to book our hotels, holidays and cruises. Carole would fit all the parts like a jigsaw and build it until we were satisfied we had everything in place.

This had always worked well until the pandemic happened and trying to rearrange trips and getting money back was challenging to say the very least. That was until we started using a travel agent. Find out here who we use and the reasons why!

When March 2020 came and the pandemic hit we had various cruises and trips booked and were left trying to rearrange some and get refunds on others. It was a very frustrating time and one particular trip took 4 and a half months to eventually get our money back into our account.

So with future cruise credit in various places and fed up of all the agro, we decided we wanted to hand that painful part of the travel process to someone else. With retirement looming and lots of trips to plan, we wanted to find the right travel agent for us. After recommendations from our cruise blogging friends Gary at Tips for Travellers and Emma Cruises and others in the cruise community on Twitter we looked at Travel Counsellors.

Now we didn’t want a cruise specific travel agent but someone who also had knowledge of land based holidays, hotels and putting the perfect package together. The first time we spoke to Emma Otter at Travel Counsellors we hit it off straight away.

Every scenario we proposed to Emma, land based travel, train travel, cruising, and even a combination of all these three, it was apparent that she had the relevant knowledge and experience to be able to able to put our particular packages together. We were also reassured by reading an article on Martin Lewis – MoneySavingExpert which surveyed 70 travel firms on who were the best travel firms for travel refunds and Travel Counsellors came top of the list!

We have now booked 3 cruises with Emma, and we are in the process of booking one of our Bucket List Trips a 6 week holiday touring California and cruising to Alaska!

Using a travel agent takes all the stress away of contacting the travel and cruise companies, having to change plans at the last minute and most importantly knowing your money is safe and refunds will be prompt should disaster strike again!

We would thoroughly recommend contacting Emma for all of your travel needs, and if you do, do let her know that we sent you her way!

Emma’s Contact details

Telephone – 01257 752560 or 07379 369799

Email –

Emma’s Travel Counsellors Profile –

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Why to use a Travel Agent Paul and Carole Love to Travel
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