Azamara Quest Australia Cruise Review

We spent 25 nights on board the Azamara Quest cruise ship cruising from Singapore to Australia over Christmas and New Year, it certainly was a holiday that had lots of highs but sadly some lows too. Watch our vlog series to see if an Azamara Quest Christmas and New Year Cruise to Australia is for you!

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Episode 1 - Our Australian Bucket List Cruise on the Azamara Quest Cruise Ship got off to a very bad start!

We flew to Singapore to join the Azamara Quest Cruise Ship for our bucket list adventure to Australia.

Sadly our first impressions were not good, find out more in our first episode of our Azamara Quest Cruise Ship Vlog Series.

Episode 2 - Azamara Quest Cruise Ship - Flooded Cabin, Fish Kissing, Speciality Dining & Entertainment!

We are rudely awoken in the middle of the night, with water coming into our cabin and have the most shocking response from guest relations. Paul also kisses a fish, we have our first speciality dining experience on board and we sample some more of the entertainment around the ship.

Ep 3 - Azamara Quest Cruise Ship Australian Adventure - Bali, Bugs and an AzAmazing Evening!

In episode 3 of our Azamara Quest Cruise Ship Australian Adventure we reach our 51st Country Indonesia and spend time exploring Bali, experience bugs and have our first AzAmazing Evening.

Ep 4 - Azamara Quest Cruise Ship - Bali, Beaches, Fabulous Food and a Magical Evening!

In episode 4 of our Azamara Quest Cruise Ship Australia Adventure we explore more of Bali, show you around this lovely ship, enjoy more food and have a very magical evening!

Episode 5 - Is there ENOUGH to do on a SEA DAY on the Azamara Quest Cruise Ship?

In episode 5 of our Azamara Quest Australian Adventure vlog series, we show you what we got up to on our sea days on the way to Fremantle in Australia. The Azamara Quest is a small ship, so was there enough to keep us occupied?

Ep 6 Azamara Quest - We arrive in Australia, explore Perth and go in search of the famous Quokkas!

In episode 6 of our Azamara Quest Australian Adventure we finally arrive in Australia. We dock in Fremantle, Perth and are so excited to start exploring and go in search of Quokkas. Cabingate also continues!

Ep 7 - We show you around PERTH & the AZAMARA QUEST cruise ship plus a confusing Change Over Day!

In episode 7 of our Azamara Quest cruise ship Australian Adventure, we are taken out by two of our lovely subscribers Donna and Gavin who show us more of the fabulous city of Perth and the most visited grave in all of Australia.

It’s change over day on our back to back cruises, which causes some confusion, and we also give you a tour of some of the entertainment venues and the promenade deck.

Ep 8 - We explore Western Australia on our Azamara Quest Adventure and it doesn't disappoint!

In episode 8 we explore the ports of Bussleton and Albany in Western Australia and show you what this area has to offer.

It’s also starting to look a lot like Christmas on the Azamara Quest!

Ep 9 It's CHRISTMAS on the Azamara Quest & it's an EMOTIONAL ONE. We also visit beautiful ESPERANCE!

In episode 9 of our Azamara Quest Australian Adventure we explore beautiful Esperance, we watch Santa arrive in a very unusual way, and experience our first ever Christmas Cruise!

We have always dreamed of cruising at Christmas, was it all we dreamed of?

Ep 11 - New Years Eve in Sydney : 3 days exploring this Fabulous Harbour City in Australia!

In the last episode of our Azamara Quest Australia Adventure we reach our last port of Sydney and enjoy the most memorable sail into this amazing city.

Sydney is world famous for it’s New Year’s Eve celebrations and we show you the reality of cruising there over this festive period. It’s White Night on board and we have an amazing time seeing the New Year in.

We then show you how to get around Sydney and see all the iconic landmarks, interesting things to do and also meet up with some of our lovely subscribers.

This video is a must see for anyone planning a trip to Sydney, or anyone looking to experience the excitement and beauty of this incredible city!

We hope you have enjoyed our Australian Adventure, but it doesn’t stop here – we spent 5 days in Melbourne, and a complete vlog of our time there will be coming soon.

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