Chania Crete Cruise Port Information – Know before you go!

Chania Crete Cruise Port Information –

Know before you go!

This summer we had a wonderful cruise on the Thomson Dream Cruise Ship around the Greek Islands. Following our stops at Rhodes and Santorini we visited Chania Crete. If you are heading there we hope this post helps you make the most of your day.

Where does the Cruise Ship dock in Chania Crete?

Cruise ships dock in the Port of Souda which is actually a neighbouring town to Chania. From the ship there were some beautiful views of the coastline of Crete but the other way it was a busy working port which serves the ferry’s that go around the Greek Islands. It’s is a 20 minute bus ride to Chania and approximately 6 kms.

Crete cruise ship port Souda greece greek island

Docked in the Port of Souda

Some ships do tender, when we were there the Azamara Quest was anchored just outside the Venetian Port and tendering their passengers in. So do check with your cruise line.

How do you get to Chania Crete?

The bus stopped only about 50 metres from the ship and tickets were available at a booth at a cost of 1.50 euros. The bus trip into town was not very inspirational, passing lots of run down buildings and graffiti so we were pleasantly surprised when we actually arrived in Chania. The bus stops just outside the Municipal Market Building Agora.

chania crete cruise port destination information guide bus stop

Bus stop in Chania Crete

The market was great to wander through with lots of local produce to buy if you chose too. We came across numerous lovely squares whilst wandering the streets and soon found ourselves at the picturesque Old Venetian Harbour.

chania crete cruise port destination information guide azamara tender

Venetian Harbour Azamara Tender

chania crete cruise port destination information guide venetian harbour

Venetian Harbour Chania Crete

The Venetian Harbour is beautiful and vibrant, it had a really relaxed vibe to it, we liked it a lot. As like all places eating and drinking right on the front isn’t cheap however if you just go back a couple of alleyways from the water you will find some perfect little Greek restaurants.

chania crete cruise port destination information guide cafe restaurant food drink

Cafe in Chania Crete

chania crete cruise port destination information guide

Stunning restaurants in Chania Crete

We stopped for a Greek Salad and some refreshments and were not disappointed.

chania crete cruise port destination information guide greek salad

Greek Salad

There are horse and carts all around the harbour so if you wanted a trot around then that is available. Must admit we tend to avoid that type and thing as always feel sorry for the animals dragging tourists around in the heat.

chania crete cruise port destination information guide horse and cart

Horse and cart tours in Chania Crete

Chania really has it all, it is a great port of call with so many shops restaurants and bars most with free WiFi. It was a shame we were only here in the day as we would of liked to experience it at night too. We would imagine it is a lively little town.

Chania Crete venetian harbour fishing

Chania Crete

chania crete cruise port destination information guide

The maze of tiny streets – very easy to get lost!

The buses run regularly back to the ship but do note that when the bus gets back to the port that it makes multiple stops to all the ships that are docked in the port. We got off as it stopped and joined a queue which we thought was back to our ship however, we didn’t realise we were in the queue to get on the MSC Sinfonia. A fifteen minute walk through the docks got us back to where we needed to be and back on to the Marella Dream.

Our Verdict of Chania Crete

We loved Chania, it is a pretty Greek destination that appears to have everything that we enjoy, plenty of restaurants and bars and free WiFi! It is a mixture of old and new with shopping centres and old style greek tavernas. We both agreed that it was somewhere we would of loved to had more time to explore and no doubt we will return in the future to do that.

chania crete cruise port destination information guide pottery shop

Pottery shop in Chania Crete

Have you visited Chania? Is there anything you can add? We would love to hear in the comments below.

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