4 Reasons to Book a Balcony Cabin on your next Cruise

Balcony cabins on a cruise ship are a real treat! We have now completed 20 cruises and have 7 more booked. We have stayed in a selection of different cabins on these cruises, including insides, promenades, outsides, balcony cabins and suites. We base our cabin choice on not only cost but also itinerary.

We have to admit we would always love to cruise in a balcony cabin if we can and here are our reasons why!

9194 Balcony cabin Explorer 2 Marella Paul and Carole

Cabin 9194 on the Marella Explorer.

1. The extra space in a balcony cabin

The actual room footage of balcony cabins is normally larger than what you would find in an inside or outside cabin. For example, our deluxe balcony cabin on the Explorer of the Seas was 164 square feet and 51 square feet of balcony, compared with the 150 square feet inside cabin which our Dad’s had chosen to have.  There was plenty of room to walk around the bed and we also had a area with a large couch.  There was so much storage space when we unpacked half the cupboards were empty and we certainly didn’t travel light!

9194 Balcony cabin Explorer 2 Marella Paul and Carole

balcony cabin

Spacious balcony stateroom on the Explorer of the Seas

2. Natural light in a balcony cabin

Having natural light in your cabin may not seem like it is an issue, but is something you need to consider. Our Dad’s are both in their 80’s and men of that age need to pop to the toilet numerous times during the night. Not having any natural light was an issue as they needed to prop the bathroom door open so they could see where they were going without waking each other up. We know that web cams/weather can be accessed via your in cabin TV but there is nothing like popping out on the balcony to suss out the weather and know what you will need to wear!

Oceana Balcony Cabin A305 Cruise Ship Paul and Carole

balcony cabin

3. A balcony cabin is where you can enjoy a private sail away or have your own quiet outside space away from the crowds.

It is wonderful to wake up and look straight out to sea or at a new port of call. It is also lovely having your own private area for watching as you arrive and leave ports. It really is your own private outside place and one of favourite places to enjoy a coffee in the morning and a cocktail for sail away!

Coffee on the balcony Junior suite 8552 Marella Discovery Cruise Ship Paul and Carole

Junior suite 8552 Marella Discovery Cruise Ship Suez Canal Paul and Carole

balcony cabin

Enjoying a drink on the balcony on the Explorer of the Seas

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Reasons to book a balcony cabin cruise paul and carole

4. You really can have breakfast just for two in your balcony cabin

The majority of cruise lines offer complimentary breakfast, service begins at 5.00am for a continental option with full breakfast being served until 10.00am. Place your order on the breakfast menu before approximately 3am and it appears at your requested time. It really is a treat to sit on the balcony and watch a sunrise, this one was when we were cruising into Langkawi and enjoyed a romantic breakfast for two!

Balcony sunrise breakfast Mariner of the Seas Paul and Carole

Balcony sunrise breakfast Mariner of the Seas Paul and Carole

We have stayed in a selection of balcony cabins, here are a few of our balcony/suite tours from our You Tube Channel so you can see exactly what you get.

Thanks so much for reading!

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Balcony Cabin on the Queen Mary 2

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