We are in Two Books!

We are so proud that to date have been included in two books. We were first approached by award winning author Paul C. Thornton after he followed our trip to Cuba. Fast forward to 2021 and he has now given us our very own chapter in his latest book!

Paul C. Thornton is an award winning author who was raised in Brooklyn and Long Island, New York and currently lives in Fort Myers, Florida with his wife Cheryl and considers cruising with their grandkids life’s ultimate escape.

If you love travel and cruising then you will love these books!


Cruising Interrupted

cruising interrupted joy of cruising paul and carole love to travel
cruising interrupted joy of cruising paul and carole love to travel book

Paul approached us again after the success of the Joy of Cruising (see below) to ask if he could include our story of where our cruising passion began to how the pandemic has affected our plans. We were obviously over the moon and agreed straight away!

The book includes stories of how we all have come to love this type of travel and how the pandemic has affected us all.

As author Paul C Thornton says –

‘Cruising Interrupted will fascinate anyone who has ever cruised, aspires to take a cruise, or just loves travel. At the same time, Cruising Interrupted acknowledges the influence on cruising of the Covid-19 pandemic, the most significant event in the history of cruise travel since the sinking of the Titanic’.

If you would like to buy a copy click the link here using our Amazon Affiliate link!

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The Joy of Cruising

Joy of Cruising Paul and Carole Paul C Thornton
Joy of Cruising Paul and Carole Paul C Thornton

2019 was the first time that we saw our names in print. We had our first feature in the excellent book The Joy of Cruising. Paul C. Thornton is an award winning American author who got in touch about featuring our Cuba experience in his book. We accepted his invitation and are very proud to be part of this excellent book all about passionate cruisers. If you love cruising then you will love this book and you can purchase The Joy of Cruising via our affiliate link here.

As part of the launch for this book, Don and Heidi of  EatSleepCruise have put this video together. Do have a watch and find some other passionate cruisers that have interesting stories to tell too!


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