Marella Electric Sunsets Cruise Review

We experienced our first Electric Sunsets Cruise on Marella Discovery 2 and it was a crazy 3 days, full of great music, fancy dress and good fun! We were on this cruise in May 2022 and cruised from Palma, Majorca to Barcelona and Valencia.

In this post we include our inside cabin review and two vlogs which show you exactly what an Electric Sunsets Party Cruise is like with Marella!

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For this 3 day party cruise we chose the cheapest way onto the ship and chose an inside cabin. We stayed on deck 6 in cabin 6113 so do come and have a look around!

We have cruised a lot with Marella and have lots of videos from the Marella Discovery which is identical to the Marella Discovery 2. So if you want to see more Marella Cabins and have a look around the Marella Discovery also check out these videos –

Marella Discovery Cruise Cabins

Marella Discovery Cruise Ship Tour

Marella Cruises all inclusive Paul and carole

Episode 1 Marella Electric Sunsets Cruise Vlogs

In the first of 2 episodes we show you what a Marella Electric Sunsets cruise is really like, show you around the Marella Discovery 2 cruise ship and discuss the facilities on board including the spa.

We hope you enjoy episode 1 and also apologise if some of the scenes are disturbing! 😂😂

Episode 2 Marella Electric Sunsets Vlog Series

In the second and final episode we continue to show you around the Marella Discovery 2, and entertainment on board. The fun continues with tribute acts, celebrities and very little sleep!

Find out in this episode if we would ever book this type of cruise again!

Marella Cruises Winter 2024 banner

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