Marella Greek Islands Cruise

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Greece has always been one of our favourite destinations. And what better way to explore its beauty than on a Marella Greek Islands cruise? While Marella offers many Mediterranean cruises, the 7-night Iconic Islands cruise, aboard the Marella Explorer focuses exclusively on the enchanting Greek Islands, making it the perfect choice for an unforgettable adventure.

The itinerary for your Greek Islands cruise is as follows:

  • Corfu Town, Corfu
  • Thira, Santorini
  • Rhodes Town, Rhodes
  • Mykonos Town, Mykonos
  • Souda (for Chania), Crete
  • Katakolon (for Olympia), Greece
  • Corfu Town, Corfu

As with all Marella Cruises, flights and transfers are included. This takes the stress out of what can often be the most fraught part of your holiday. All cruises with Marella are all-inclusive, so no hidden bills will greet you when your cruise is over.

So, let’s tell you more about the ports you will be visiting on your Greek Islands cruise…


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Corfu Town, Corfu

As you would expect from an ancient civilisation like Greece, you will be immersed in history on your Marella Cruise. And, unsurprisingly, the Ionian island of Corfu’s old town is a UNESCO world heritage site. The Greek Island of Corfu wasn’t always an Island. Thousands of years ago it was part of main land Greece, but rising sea levels during the Neolithic period separated Corfu from the Mainland, forming the beautiful island we see today.

Places of historical interest include the temples of Kardaki, Artimus and Hera. Plus there are over 35 Greek churches on the island. To list all the historical places of interest would take up this entire post, so here’s a few things you can do if you are not a history buff:

  • A boat trip on the crystal clear water of the Corfu blue lagoon is a stunning way to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of Corfu’s old town. For foodies there are wine and olive tours.
  • We always like to include a suggestion for the adrenaline junkies. Corfu can provide this with a paragliding flight, giving you your required white knuckle experience, plus unparalleled views of the island.
  • If something a bit more sedate is on your radar then a walking food tour of the old town is a fabulous idea too!
Greek salad

Thira, Santorini

Santorini is part of the Cyclades islands. It is definitely the most instantly recognisable of all the Greek Islands. With its whitewashed buildings adorning the mountainside, it really is a sight to behold. Devastated by an earthquake over 3600 years ago, forming the rugged mountains that Santorini is now built on.

Just viewing Santorini is worth the visit. But, if you want to broaden your horizons a trip to the ancient town of Akrotiri should be on your list of things to do. Believed to date back to over 6000 years ago and abandoned since the devastating earthquake of 1600. BC excavations have been ongoing for over 150 years, slowly revealing more and more of this ancient town.

Food and wine tours are always good fun. As are a catamaran ride giving you a spectacular view of this stunning island. You can even take an E bike tour. Or, if social media is your thing there is an Instagram tour showing you the best places to take amazing photos to impress your friends and family.

santorini cruise port information

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Rhodes Town, Rhodes

Rhodes dates back over 6000 years and was the site of one of the original 7 wonders of the world, the Colossus of Rhodes that represents the Sun God, Helios. The colossus was eventually toppled after an earthquake in 226BC.

Apart from a visit to the Colossus, a trip to the acropolis of Lindos is not only visually stunning but as you would expect, steeped in history.

Your Marella cruise will take you within walking distance of the old town. A walk around Rhodes old town is an absolute must. Winding cobbled streets and alleyways are lined with shops, bars and restaurants. For people of a similar vintage to us, there is Anthony Quinn bay, named after the Zorba the Greek actor. It is also one of the filming locations for the classic old war film, “The guns of Navarone”.

Fancy something more adventurous, then you are in luck as Rhodes is also the home of one of the biggest water parks in Greece.

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Rhodes old town

Mykonos Town, Mykonos

Mykonos town dates back to 1100 BC. Greek mythology suggests that Mykonos was named after the grandson of the Greek God, Apollo.

Widely regarded as one of the prettiest places on the island, a trip to Little Venice is an absolute must. With bars and restaurants that have verandas that look out to sea, it can get busy here but the views more than make up for it!

For picture-perfect photos head to the Windmills of Mykonos, known as Kato Milli. This landmark can be viewed from anywhere on the Greek Island, and will be the first thing you see when you come into the port. Built by the Venetians, some of the original windmill’s date back to the 16th century.

Watched over by the patron saint of fisherman, Saint Nicholas, the Old Port is another place of extreme beauty. Full of bars, restaurants, shops and idyllic houses, it really is a must visit. Some of the streets are so small that an adult can barely fit through!

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Souda, Chania, Crete

Souda is a Greek port on the island of Crete and has many places of beauty including Souda bay. A natural bay that’s around 10 miles long, with small islands dotted throughout, that contain Venetian fortifications. It is also the final resting place of over 1500 allied service men from the Second World War.

The main reason for visiting Souda is the stunning nearby port of Chania, found on the north west coast of the Island of Crete. Like all the previous ports, Chania is steeped in history and is mentioned in the 8th century BC Greek epic poem – the Odyssey, by Greek author, Homer.

Football fans will want to check out the Greek national football museum that boasts over a thousand exhibits. If you are in the mood for museums, there is also the Maritime Museum of Crete and Minoan’s world, where Europe’s oldest civilisation meets Europe’s first 3D museum.

The jewel in Chania’s crown is definitely the Old Venetian Harbour. This stunning half-moon shaped harbour is full of restaurants, shops and bars and is overlooked by the oldest lighthouse in the Mediterranean.

chania crete greece
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Katakolon (for Olympia)

Olympia is the home of the first ever Olympic Games which ran every 4 years from 776 BC up to around 400 AD, before it reemerged in Athens in 1894.

The Archaeological site of Olympia has over 700 hundred buildings and ruins, including athletic training areas, stadiums and temples. It honours Gods including; Zeus and Hera. As you would expect from an area of such historical significance, there are plenty of museums. Including the Archaeological Museum of Olympia, the Archimedes Museum and the Museum of the Olympic Games.

If you are travelling with kids then a trip to DIG IT should be on your list. You can become a real Archaeologist. With a trowel in hand, you can uncover ancient artefacts hidden in the specially prepared indoor pits.

Don’t panic if you are not a history buff as there are plenty of shops and restaurants to visit and it wouldn’t be Greece without a food and wine tour!

Hopefully this post has given you some food for thought on Marella cruises to the Greek Islands. Marella will also be offering excursions in all of the ports listed. This post may well help you decide which ones you would like to take. However, even if you only get off the ship to enjoy a meal and a cold Mythos, we are sure you will have a fabulous time!

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