Cunard Laundry Prices (Updated September 2023)

We did a transatlantic cruise on the Queen Mary 2 in August 2023, most if not all cruise lines offer a laundry service, in the post we outline exactly what it will cost and how long it will take to get your laundry taken care of on a Cunard cruise ship.

If you prefer to take care of your own laundry Cunard also have self service laundrettes on board too!

We also have laundry prices for the following cruise lines, Marella, Celebrity, Virgin Voyages, P&O and Princess  so you can find out how these cruise line laundry prices compare.

Regular service includes laundry that will be picked up before 10.00 am, returned by 7.00 pm the following day.

Same day service add 50% express service surcharge, picked up by 9.00 am returned by 7.00 pm the same day.


Formal Shirt – $7.50

T-Shirt/Polo Shirt – $5.00

Casual Trousers/Jeans – $6.50

Casual Dress – $8.00

Shorts – $6.00

Skirt – $6.00

Accessories – $3.00

Swimwear – $4.50

Undergarment – $3.00

Nightwear – $8.00

Sportswear – $5.00

Bag of 15 Items, excluding specialist Cleaning items – $52.00


Specialist cleaning is a wet clean using a small amount of water rather than solvents and is not suitable for raw silks.

Suit Jacket – $9.00

Smart Trousers – $9.00

Waist Coat – $5.00

Formal Shirt – $9.00

Tie/Cummerbund – $3.00

Formal Evening Dress – $20.00

Formal Jumpsuit – $17.00

Formal Skirt – $9.00

Formal Top – $6.50

Casual Dress – $10.00

Knitwear – $9.00

Outdoor Jacket/Coat – $18.00



Suit Jacket – $6.50

Smart Trousers – $6.50

Waist Coat – $3.50

Formal Shirt – $6.50

Tie/Cummerbund – $2.50

Formal Evening Dress – $15.50

Formal Jumpsuit – $11.00

Formal Skirt – $6.50

Formal Top – $4.00

Casual Trousers/Jeans – $5.00

Casual Dress – $5.00

Skirt – $5.00

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