A Beginner’s Guide to Marella Cruises

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Whether you’re new to cruising, exploring Marella Cruises for the first time, or simply seeking more information about what this renowned line has to offer. Setting sail on your first Marella cruise is an exciting adventure.

Marella Cruises promise a perfect blend of relaxation, and discovery. Catering to both novice cruisers and seasoned travellers alike.

We have crafted this beginner’s guide to help you navigate every aspect of your journey, from planning your cruise, to discovering what Marella has to offer.

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  • You have never been on any type of cruise before
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  • Want more information about Marella cruises


An introduction to Marella cruises

Marella cruises (formerly Thomson cruises), is a British cruise line that is operated by TUI. Offering cruises around Europe, and the Caribbean.

Currently, there are five ships under the Marella Cruises banner, all offering something special. So, it is worth looking at each ship individually to see which is right for your holiday.

Fleet information:

  • Marella Voyager – This is the newest ship, having set sail for the first time in 2023. It is an all-rounder, with the most bars and restaurants of any of the ships. It is a popular choice with adults and families.
  • Marella Discovery 2 – Highlights include a sushi bar, an outdoor cinema, and a climbing wall.
  • Marella Discovery – With 14 bars and restaurants’, and an escape room, this ship is great for families.


Cruise packages on offer:

There are many ways to cruise with Marella. So, depending on what you’re looking for from your holiday, it’s worth exploring each package to get the most out of your adventure.

Cruise destinations:

Cruise experience:

  • Shore excursions
  • Cruise and stay
  • Cruise only

Planning your cruise

Now you know either which ship you want to cruise on, or which destinations you want to visit. It’s time to think about the type of cruise you want. Do you want to make the most of your trip by taking part in some shore excursions? Or would you prefer to do your own thing, or even stay on the ship most of the time?

Whatever you’re looking to do, Marella can provide a tailored experience to suit your preferences, ensuring you have a memorable and enjoyable cruise.


It’s also a good idea to start thinking about what type of cabin you want. Each ship has different sizes and options, so we’d recommend taking some time to have a look at each cabin type. The Marella website is great as it goes into detail about each room.

Here is an overview of the cabin types you’ll find on each ship:

  • Inside cabin (no window)
  • Outside cabin (porthole or picture window)
  • Balcony cabin
  • Suites

You can also find lots of Marella cabin video reviews on our You Tube Playlist here

Inside Cabin 6113 Marella Discovery 2
Marella Cruises sail all inclusive as standard

What’s included in a Marella cruise

  • Every cruise is All Inclusive as standard. This includes;
  • Flights, transfers, and baggage
  • Food and drink onboard the ship
  • Tips and service charges
  • All ships operate a cashless system. You’ll need to register your credit card once onboard. It’ll then be loaded to your ‘crew card’, which also acts as your room key.
  • You can cruise for 7 nights, 14 nights, or even longer if you’d prefer. Or you can combine your cruise with a stay in one of TUI’s handpicked hotels. (This can all be done in one booking).
  • Each ship has over 900 cabins, and they all have swimming pools, hot tubs, and gyms.
  • The Broadway show lounge can seat 800 people. This is where the main theatre shows are, but elsewhere you’ll find bands, quizzes, a casino, a multitude of bars, and different types of restaurants.
  • Marella cruises are ideal for solo travellers, and for those with reduced mobility.


Upgrade your cruise:

If you want to upgrade your cruise at an additional price, then here are some of the upgrades you can get:

  • Upgrade your cabin
  • Reserve your cabin in advance (up to 15 days before, at £65 per cabin)
  • Treats (flowers, champagne, chocolates)
  • Premium drinks package (everyone in the cabin will need to upgrade, at around £10pp, per day extra, you can upgrade when booking, or once on board) includes a wider selection of drinks
  • Spa
  • Shore excursions

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On and off the ship

A Marella cruise offers the ultimate convenience with its all-inclusive package. This means your food, drinks, tips, and service charges are all covered. Allowing you to relax and enjoy your trip without worrying about additional costs. You can indulge in dining at least seven restaurants, with four of these included in your package, offering a variety of culinary delights.

Entertainment on the ship caters to all interests. Enjoy quizzes, live music, Broadway-style shows, and sports activities. There truly is something for everyone on a Marella cruise, ensuring that your time on board is as enjoyable as your time exploring new destinations.


Exploring onshore:

Exploring onshore is a fantastic way to visit multiple destinations in one trip. One of the best ways to experience these locations is through shore excursions. Marella offers a range of excursions to suit every preference, whether you want to relax, explore cultural sites, or seek adventure.

It is also the most convenient option for those who worry about getting back to the ship on time. If a Marella-organised activity runs late, the ship will wait for you. This level of assurance is not provided if you choose to explore independently or through another company. So, it’s something to consider when planning your onshore activities.

Marella Discovery outside view

Disembarking the ship

At the end of your cruise, you will receive an information leaflet the day before, (it’ll be left inside your cabin). This leaflet will advise you of the disembarking process.

You will be given a timeslot, and you will disembark in groups. You usually need to have left your cabin by 8am, but you can use the ship’s facilities until your transfer time. If you have bonded luggage this will be taken directly to the plane.


Why should I cruise?

There is something for everyone (adult only, family, cruise & stay, themed, etc). You can visit multiple destinations via one trip, making exploring easy. It’s all inclusive, and ship entertainment is excellent.


What adaptors should I bring for the cabin sockets?

European or US 2-pin


Do I need a VISA?

Check here if you have a British passport – if not you’ll need to check with individual embassies.


Is there a dress-code?

Marella advise beachwear, casual, and smart. But it is quite relaxed so you don’t need to pack your Tuxedo (unless you want to!) Find out more here.


What do I do with my luggage?

If bonded luggage is available on your cruise, as long as you have printed and attached your luggage label, you won’t need to do a thing, once dropped off the next time you see it will be in your cabin. For unbonded luggage you’ll need to collect this at the airport and take it with you to the transfer coach. This will all be explained in your booking confirmation.


What time do I need to check out?

Usually 8am, but you can use the ship facilities until your transfer time.


Can I smoke onboard?

All of the ships are non-smoking, but there are designated smoking areas on the deck. This also applies to e-cigerettes.


Can I do my own thing in port?

Of course! You do not need to take part in the ship excursions, but remember the ship won’t wait if you’re late back so give yourself plenty of time to re-board the ship!


Embarking on your first Marella cruise is an exciting experience. With this guide, we’ve aimed to provide you with information to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey. From planning your cruise to exploring everything Marella has to offer.

Remember, the joy of cruising lies in its versatility and convenience. With all-inclusive packages, a variety of destinations, and an array of ship amenities, Marella Cruises takes care of every detail, allowing you to focus on creating unforgettable memories.

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Marella Cruises sail all inclusive as standard


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