Marella Cruises Drinks Prices and Packages (2022)

All the ships in the Marella fleet operate on an all inclusive basis as standard. In the post we detail what drinks fall into this category and what doesn’t.

There is also a premium all inclusive drinks package that comes at an additional cost. We cruised on the Marella Discovery 2 cruise ship in May 2022 and the price at this time was £20 per person per day. We also have drinks prices and packages posts for P&ORoyal Caribbean, Virgin Voyages and Cunard which may be of interest to you too.

In this post we cover all the drinks in the standard package and you can check to see if your favourite tipple is included and if it isn’t how much extra it will cost you.

Some cruise lines like P&O and Cunard allow you to take a small amount of alcohol on board but with Marella this is a big no no and they even reserve the right to search your hand luggage when boarding so do bare this in mind.

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Beer and Cider - Draught, Cans and Bottles.

On Draught included in the standard package

Foster’s – John Smith,s – Strongbow.

On Draught not included in the standard package

Heineken pint £3.00 half pint £2.00.

Bottles and Cans included in the standard package

Birra Moretti – Budweiser – San Miguel Fresca – Red Stripe – Guinness – Heineken Zero – Peroni – Corona – Peroni red label

Bottles and Cans not included in the standard all inclusive.

Heineken – Lagunitas IPA – Alhambra – Strongbow dark fruit – Bulmers – Tiger – Old Speckled Hen – Meantime IPA – Bulmers – Magners – Pilsner Urquel – Duval – Chimay – Carlsberg – Singha – Grolsch –  these come at a extra cost of £3.30 each or are all included in the Premium all inclusive.


Carole cocktails pool deck marella discovery 2 drinks prices and packages
Wine and beer islands buffet marella discovery 2 drinks prices and packages



Sparkling wines included on the standard package – Brut – Prosecco – Cava.

The following sparkling wines are at an extra cost or free on the premium package Millesimato Prosecco DOC Bottega  £6.50 – Poeti Prosecco DOC Bottega  £5.00 – Pink Pinot Nero Spumante DOC Bottega  £6.00

All Bellini’s using premium sparkling wine come at an extra cost of £2.50 or free on the premium package.

Wines by the glass included in the package

Rose – House Choice – Arada.

White Wines – House Choice – Sauvignon Blanc – Pinot Grigio.

Red Wines – House Choice – Merlot – Cabernet Sauvignon.

WINE BY THE BOTTLE – Not included on either package.


Philippe Dublanc Brut France  £17.00 – Veuve du Vernay Blanc de Blancs France  £17.00 – Poeti Prosecco spumante Italy  £24.00 – Jaume Serra D.O CAVA Spain  £17.00 – Nicolas Feuillatte Brut Reserve France  £43.00


Bleu de Mer IGP Pays d’Oc France  £17.00 – Mateus Rose Portugal  £19.50 – Clot Arada Spain  £17.00


RIESLING – Ulrich Langgute Mosel Feinherb Gourmet Germany £17.00 – Leonard Kreusch-Rheinhessen Germany  £17.00

SAUVIGNON BLANC – Bleu de Mer IGP Pays d’Oc France  £17.00 – Louis Eschenauer IGP Pays d’Oc France  £17.00 – Sancerre Le Grand Buis France  £43.00

PINOT GRIGIO – Terredirai Venezie IGT Italy  £17.00 – ll Poggio Dei Vigneti Veneto IGT Italy  £17.00

CHARDONNAY – Rio Anejo Macabeo Spain  £17.00 – Gerard Bertrand Reserve France  £20.00 – Vina San Juan Blanco Spain  £15.00 – ll Poggio Dei Vigneti  £17.00


Les Chartrons Bordeaux Blanc France  £19.00 – Chateau Pilet Bordeaux France  £16.00 – Le Rovole Pinot Bianco IGT Italy  £17.00 – ll Poggio Dei Vigneti Soave Italy  £18.00


PINOT NOIR – Sottovoce Veneto IGT Italy  £18.00 – Reserve St Martin Vin de Pays France  £18.00

SANGIOVESE –  Sangiovese ll Poggio Dei Vigneti Italy  £17.oo – Chianti D’Aquinto Italy  £17.00

MERLOT – Bleu de Mer IGP Pays d’Oc France  £17.00 – Campos De Luz Spain  £17.00

CABERNET SAUVIGNON – Castello de Lorenco Spain  £17.00 – Gerard Bertrand Reserve France  £20.00 – Chateau Pilet AOC France  £17.00 – ll Poggio Dei Vigneti Italy  £17.00

SHIRAZ/SYRAH – Envyfol Syrah Pays d’Oc France  £15.00 – Soldiers Block Shiraz France  £17.00 – Calvet Varietals Syrah France  £17.00


Lagaris Crianza Spain  £20.00 – Vina Pomal Crianza Rioja Spain  £18.00 – Les Chartrons Bordeaux Rouge France  £17.00 – Chevaux des Girondins AOC France  £17.00 – Chateau Faure AOC France  £16.00 – Cotes Du Rhone France  £21.00



After Dinner Drinks


Included on the standard package – Fundador – Metaxa 5 Stars

All the following come at a extra charge or are free on the premium package – Martell VS  £2.90 – Cardenal Mendoza  £3.00 – Martell VSOP  £3.50 – Calvados  £2.90 – Grappa  £2.50


Included on the standard package – Sandeman Ruby – Cockburns Special Reserve.


These all come at a supplement of £2.50 or free on the premium package – Highland Coffee with Chivas Regal and whipped Cream – Chocolate Orange with Grand Marnier and Whipped Cream – Cafe Royal with Martell VS and Whipped Cream – Italiano Coffee with Sambuca and Whipped Cream –


COCKTAILS – available on the standard package

Electric Lemonade – Illusion – Raspberry Collins – Long Island Iced Tea – Mai Tai – Rocking Rita – Pina Colada – Berry Fizz – Melon Ball – Hawaiian Tropics – Frose.

PREMIUM COCKTAILS – all £2.50 or free on the premium package.

Aperol Spritz – Blueberry Mojito – Kiwi Caipirinha – Strawberry and Pear Margarita – Pineapple and Chilli Martini – Cucumber Collins – The Counts Negroni – Cucumber Caipiroska – Ginger and Pear Cosmo – Porn Star Martini – Mojito – Sea Breeze – Southern Punch – Chocolate Espresso Martini – Tropical Iced Tea – Rum Runner – Cadillac Margarita – Sex on the Beach – Purple Rain

MASON JAR SIGNATURE COCKTAILS all £2.50 or free on the premium package.

Mums St Clements – Pink Lemonade – Pineapple Plantation – Tropical Blend – Cherry Rum Fizz – Blue Peter – Hail Mary.

Cocktails Exclusive to Bar Eleven

All cocktails on the standard all inclusive can be found here but they also have specific cocktails that can only be only be found in Bar Eleven.

INFUSION COCKTAILS – all £2.50 or free on the premium package

Lemon & Thyme Collins – Red Speckled Mule – Lemon Drizzle – Thai Mojito – Five O’clock Tea – Blueberry & Grape Press – Rosemary’s Gimlet.

SMOKEY COCKTAILS – all £2.50 or free on the premium package

Sweet and Smokey Margarita – Smokey Old Fashioned – Jonnies Rusty Nail – Chocolate Ember, These all come with a supplement of £2.50 or free on the premium package.

INFUSED SPIRITS – included on the standard package

Lemon Peel and Thyme Vodka – Strawberry and Black Pepper Vodka – Cucumber and Lime Vodka – Lemongrass and Ginger Rum – Rosemary and Citrus Gin – Earl grey Gin – Apple and Cinnamon Bourbon.

SPIRITS – as priced or all on the premium package

Gin – Gordon’s – New Amsterdam – Tanqueray – Bombay Sapphire £2.50 – Hendrick’s £3.00.

Whiskies – Johnnie Walker Red – Bells – Famous Grouse – Jameson – Jim Beam – Teacher’s – Canadian Club £2.50 – Johnnie Walker Black £2.90 – Jack Daniel’s £2.90.

Vodka – Smirnoff – Stoli – New Amsterdam – Absolut £2.50 – Absolut Citron £2.50 – Grey Goose £2.90 – Ketel One £2.90.

Rum – Barcardi – Malibu – Captain Morgan – Rumhaven Coconut – Myer’s £2.50 – Clarkes Old Grog £2.90 Clarkes Special Dark £2.90.

Tequila – Jose Cuervo Silver and Gold – 1800 Resposada £2.90.

Squid and Anchor Gin and Whisky Bar

As the names suggest this is a specialist Gin and Whiskey Bar which can be found in the Squid and Anchor in addition to a regular bar. All the drinks below are only available on the Premium Package

GIN – as priced and all on the premium package

Poetic License Northern Dry Gin (Sunderland) £3.00 – Masons Gin(North Yorkshire) £3.00 – Whitley Neill Rhubarb and Ginger (Liverpool) £3.00 – Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin (Warrington) £3.00 – Sipsmith London Dry Gin (London) £3.00.


Macallan Select Oak £3.00 – Glenfiddich £2.90 – Glenmorangie £2.90 – Oban £3.00 – Auchentoshan Three Wood £3.00.

Corona and strawberry daiquiri marella discovery 2 drinks prices and packages
mud slide marella discovery Paul drinks prices and packages

Soft Drinks - Cans and Bottles

All fountain sodas and non alcoholic Mocktails are included in the standard all inclusive.

Cans and Bottles are not included in the standard package but are all included on the Premier Package

Coca-cola – Diet Coke – Diet Sprite – Ginger Beer – Tonic Water – Slimline Tonic -Bitter Lemon – Fanta Orange – £1.00 each.

San Pallegrino orange or lemon £1.50

J20 Orange & Passion fruit or Apple & Raspberry £2.00

Red Bull sugarfree or Tropical £2.95.

Fever Tree Premium Tonics all flavours £2.50.

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