P&O Cruises Bar Prices and Drinks Packages - All you need to know! (2022)

For those of you that know us we do like a drink and often choose the drinks package or all inclusive option. A lot of cruise lines have gone all inclusive but P&O as yet have not.

To help you budget and plan what you are going to spend, in this post we cover what drinks actually cost on board and what is included in the four different drinks packages.

It is also important to know that with P&O you can take alcohol on board, only on embarkation. Each passenger can take a 1 litre bottle maximum of wine, bubbly or spirits. Soft drinks can also be taken on board with which there is no limit. We also have drinks prices and packages posts for Virgin VoyagesRoyal Caribbean, Cunard and Marella which may be of interest to you too.

All prices in this post are from our cruise on Iona in August 2021. All the prices have gone up since we cruised on the Oceana Cruise Ship which does now mean that a lot of drinks that were previously included in the drinks package are now sadly not.

Here we break down the drinks prices and whats included in the Drinks Packages. Please note there are no service charges on any of the drinks on P&O.

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Beer, Real Ale, Lager, Cider and Stout prices.

Draft Beers and Lagers

Peroni Nastro Azzurro – Pint £4.95

Fosters – Pint £4.75

John Smith’s Extra Smooth – Pint £4.75

Stella Artois – Pint £4.95

BrewDog Punk IPA £4.95

Bottle/Canned Beers, Lagers and Ales

Corona – 330ml £4.50

Peroni Nastro Azzurro – 330ml £4.50

Budweiser – 330ml £4.50

Carling – 500ml £4.75

Lagunitas IPA – 355ml £4.50

Fullerws London Pride – 500ml – £4.75

Sharps Brewery Doom Bar – 500ml £4.75

Old Speckled Hen – 500ml £4.75


Aspall Cider – 500ml £4.95

Thatchers Gold – 500ml £4.75

Westons Britpop Cider – 500mls £4.75

Rekorderling Strawberry & Lime – 500mls £4.95


Crabbie’s Original Alcoholic Ginger beer – 500mls £4.75


Guinness Draught Can – 440ml £4.75

Gluten Free

Old Speckled Hen – 500ml £4.75

Estrella Damm Daura – 330ml £4.50


White Wine

Pinot Grigio, Italy – 250ml 8.15 / 175ml 6.25

Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand – 250ml 8.50 / 175ml 6.50

Chardonnay, Australia – 250ml 7.00 / 175ml 5.75

Sauvignon Blanc, France- 250ml 7.00 / 175ml 5.75

Unwooded Chardonnay, Australia – 250ml 8.15 / 175ml 6.25

Vinho Verde, Portugal – 250ml 6.25 / 175ml 4.75

Rose Wine

Saint Roch-Les-Vinges Provence, France – 250ml 8.50 / 175ml 6.50

Zinfandel Rose, USA – 250ml 7.00 / 175ml 5.75

Red Wine

Merlot, USA – 250ml £12.50 / 175ml £9.00

Merlot, Chile – 250mls £7.00 / 175mls £5.75

Shiraz, Australia – 250ml £7.00 / 175ml £5.75

Cabernet Sauvignon, Australia – 250ml £7.00 / 175ml £5.75

Malbec, Argentina – 250ml £8.75 / 175ml £6.85

Rioja, Spain – 250ml £8.15 / 175ml £6.25

Sparkling Wine/Champagne

Taittinger Brut Reserve NV – 125ml £8.50 / Bottle £42.00

Taittinger Brut Prestige Rose, France – 125ml £8.75 / Bottle £45.00

Prosecco, Canti DOC, Italy – 125ml £6.00 / Bottle £23.00

Balfour Brut ‘Leslie’s Reserve’ – 125ml £7.50 / Bottle £29.95


Carole Cocktails P&O drinks packages
Cocktails and beer P&O drinks packages

Cocktails costing £6.95 and the only ones included in the drinks package

Raspberry & Hazelnut Brulee, Spiced Rum Mule, Sunset Cooler, Strawberry & Elderflower Spritz, Honeyed IPA & Stormzy, Pink Gin Spritz), May Tai, Mojito, Pimms Cup, Sours.

Frozen – Pina Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri.

Cocktails costing £7.95 – not included in drinks package

Aperol Spritz, Pornstar Martini, Passionstar Martini, Gordon’s Pink Spritz, Margarita, Iced Teas, St Clememts Spritz, Make it Snappy Mary, Vanilla & Salted Caramel Expresso Martini, Passionate Affair, Cosmopolitan, Hugo.

Mocktails costing £3.50

No Lada, Paradise Punch, Raspberry & Almond Bakewell, Apple & Elderflower Nojito.



Marabelle Gin – 25ml £4.50 / 50ml £7.00

Bombay Sapphire – 25ml £4.00 / 50ml £6.50

Tanqueray London Dry – 25ml £4.00 / 50ml £6.50

Gordon’s – 25ml £4.00 / 50ml £6.50

Gin Mare –  25ml £4.25 / 50ml £6.75

Pink Gin

Chase Rhubarb Pink Gin – 25ml £4.30 / 50ml £6.80

Gordons Pink Gin – 25ml £4.00 / 50ml £6.50

Whitley Neill Rhubard & Ginger Gin – 25ml £4.25 / 50ml £6.75


Grey Goose – 25ml £4.25 / 50ml £6.75

Smirnoff Red Label – 25ml £3.75 / 50ml £6.25

Reyka Icelandic – 25ml £4.00 / 50ml £6.50

Hendricks – 25ml £4.25 / 50ml £6.75

Salcombe Gin ‘Start Point’ – 25ml £4.50 / 50ml £7.00


Patron Silver – 25ml £4.00 / 50ml £6.50


Barcardi Carta Blanco – 25ml £4.00 / 50ml £6.50

Captain Morgan Dark – 25ml £3.75 / 50ml £6.25

Captain Morgan Spiced – 25ml £3.50 / 50ml £6.00

Dead Man’s Fingers – 25ml £4.00 / 50ml £6.50

Rockstar Spirits Pineapple Grenade Overproof Rum – 25ml £5.00 / 50ml £7.50


Pepsi and Diet Pepsi Mixers – 200ml £2.05

Britvic Mixers – 150ml £2.05

Fever-Tree Tonic Waters – 200ml £2.55


Johnnie Walker Black Label – 25ml £4.25 / 50ml £6.75

Jameson Irish – 25ml £4.00 / 50ml £6.50

Bell’s – 25ml £3.75 / 50ml £6.25

Glenfiddich – 25ml £4.25 / 50ml £6.75

Glenmorangie – 25ml £4.25 / 50ml £6.75

Laphroaig Four Oak, Islay – 25ml £4.25 / 50ml £6.75


Wild Turkey Rye – 25ml £4.00 / 50ml £6.50

Jack Daniel’s – 25ml £4.00 / 50ml £6.50


Baileys Original Irish Cream – 25ml £3.75 / 50ml 6.25

Disaronno Amaretto – 25ml £3.75 / 50 ml6.25


Soft Drinks

Draft Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Max and RWhites Lemonade on tap – Regular £2.25 Large 3.05

Coca Cola/Diet Coke Bottle – 330ml £3.05

J2O Fruit Blend   – 275ml £2.75

Still or sparkling water – 330mls £1.95

Red Bull – 250ml £3.05

San Peligrino Limonata – 330mls £2.05

7 Up/Tango No Added Sugar – 330ml £1.95

Appletiser – 275mls £2.45

Frobisher’s Jubilant Juices – 250mls £2.60

Fentimans Ginger Beer or Wild English Elderflower – 275mls £2.85

Teas & Coffees

Speciality coffees – Espresso £1.95, Cappuccino and Cafe Latte £2.60, Flat White and Hot Chocolate £2.80

Speciality Teas – Teapigs – £2.20

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Drinks Packages

The Ultimate Drinks Package

For £39.95 pp per day you can have any drinks up to the value of £6.95 and 20% off drinks over this. This package also includes small tin bottles of water (500mls) but not large bottles of water. You can only order singles and not double measures, wine is only by the glass, not by the bottle. Only one drink per person can be ordered at one time and there is a maximum of 15 drinks per day.

Stipulations are that each adult in the same cabin must purchase the drinks package, and the package is only available for cruises of five nights or over. Drinks in the mini bar are not included.

Mixers are all draught, or if cans and bottles are used then they are opened when you receive the drinks.

Non Alcoholic Package

For £19.95 you can have unlimited draught soft drinks, selected mocktails and juices, Costa coffees, teas and hot chocolate. 20% discount is applied to large bottles of water and premium soft drinks.

In addition to alcoholic drinks the same exclusions apply as above.

The Children’s Drink Package

Is available for £7.95 per day. As stated above is free if parents buy the Ultimate Drinks Package.

The Hot Drinks Package

Costs £10.95 and includes unlimited primo Costa coffees, teas and hot chocolates. Again 20% off large/medio Costa coffees and hot chocolates

We found on Iona that the choices of wines, beers and spirits were good on the drinks package but unfortunately the choice of cocktails now is not. We are cruising on Iona again in January and because the choice is now not so good we are not going to purchase the drinks package and just pay as we go.

Everyone is different, and only you will know if the drinks package is good value for you or not.  Now you have the individual prices and costs of the packages you will be able to make an informed choice.

We hope we have found this post useful, and now know whether a drinks package would be for you.


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P&O drinks package and bar prices


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