Marella Cruises - All Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered!

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Having cruised with Marella numerous times, we get asked various questions by fellow travellers. To help answer these questions, we’ve compiled this comprehensive Marella Cruises – Frequently Asked Questions blogpost.

In this blog, you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about your Marella cruise. We’ll cover topics such as; what to pack, what’s included in your cabin, food and drink options, entertainment, port days, dress code, and well-being.

Before Your Marella Cruise - Frequently Asked Questions

Question – How do I book a Marella cruise?

Answer – Booking a cruise couldn’t be easier, you can book directly with Marella Cruises here.

Question – Is a Marella cruise expensive?

Answer – A Marella cruise is excellent value for money. You get to visit multiple countries in one cruise, and all your flights and transfers are included.

A Marella cruise is all-inclusive as standard, so all drinks and non-speciality food are included. Food and drink will be covered later in this post. For the full rundown on what a Marella cruise includes read our post here.

Question – Do I need a passport to go on a cruise?

Answer – Yes you must have a passport with at least 6 months remaining before its expiry date.

Question – Do I need travel insurance?

Answer – It’s essential to have travel insurance in place that is cruise-specific. Make sure you get your travel insurance as soon as you book your cruise. The level of cover differs depending on what company you use. Things such as; free cancellation for illness and missed ports should be things you look for. The main reason for insurance is medical emergency, which we will touch on later in this post.

Question – Will I need any visas for my cruise?

Answer – This depends on where your cruise starts and ends and of course where you visit in between. If you are not sure there is always lots of useful information on the Government website.

Question – Cruising – is it just for old people?

Answer – There is no doubt that some cruise lines do attract an older clientele, but Marella cater for all age groups.

Question – Can I cruise with my children?

Answer – Marella cruises currently have 5 ships in their fleet. Marella DiscoveryMarella Discovery 2Marella ExplorerMarella Explorer 2 and Marella Voyager, the only ‘adult only’ ship is Marella Explorer 2. All the child-friendly ships have kids clubs.

Question – Will I get seasick?

Answer – Everyone is different, but if you are susceptible to motion sickness choosing the right cabin is essential. Choose as close to the middle of the ship and as low a deck as possible, as this is where you will feel the least amount of movement. There are also lots of sea-sickness remedies. Including eating green apples or ginger, plus medications are also available, you can even get wristbands that will help. You can read our how to avoid/how to treat seasickness post here.

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What to Pack for a Marella Cruise - Frequently Asked Questions

Question – Is there a limit on how many suitcases I can take on my Marella cruise?

Answer – As Marella is Fly cruises your luggage limitation is dictated by the airline. For TUI this is 20kg per person, or 23kg if you book a premium seat on the plane.

Question – What sort of clothes do I need to pack?

Answer – The type of clothes depends on where in the world you are travelling and what time of year you are travelling. We will discuss cruise dress codes later in this post.

Question – Can I pack a hairdryer and curling tongs/straighteners?

Answer – Yes you can. All cabins come equipped with a hairdryer but you are welcome to bring your own. We will talk more about cabin facilities later in the post.

Question – Can I pack alcohol to drink onboard?

Answer – You are not permitted to take your own alcohol. If you do it will be confiscated and returned to you at the end of the cruise.

Question – Can I take an iron onboard the ship?

Answer – Taking an iron is strictly prohibited, see next section for an alternative.

Question – How does my luggage get to the ship?

Answer – With the majority of Marella cruises, once you have checked in at the airport your luggage will be taken straight to your cruise cabin. However, at a few ports, you have to reclaim your luggage at the airport and take it to the transfer coach who will then take it to your cabin on arrival at the port. You will be given this information when you check in at the airport.

Question – How will the porters know what cabin we are staying in?

Answer – You can either print off your luggage labels at home, or Marella will provide them when you check in for your outbound flight. You just attach them to your suitcase.

What will be in my cabin on a Marella Cruise - Frequently Asked Questions

Question – Does Marella provide towels?

Answer – Yes Marella not only provides bath towels, hand towels and washcloths but they also provide beach/pool towels too!

Question – You stated that taking an iron is prohibited, how do I iron my clothes?

Answer – Unfortunately there is no iron in your cabin but Marella does provide a laundry service, you can find out what that will cost here. Another great way to prevent creasing is to roll your clothes, rather than folding them. It doesn’t always work, but one to give a go!

Question – Are the cabins all the same?

Answer – There are lots of cabin choices, from inside cabins with no windows, all the way up to plush suites, some even come with their own piano! Prices are based on the level of comfort, size and position on the ship. We have a number of Marella cabin tours available on our playlist here.

Question – Are the cabins basic?

Answer – Regardless of the category of cabin you book they all come with an ensuite bathroom, toiletries, towels, coffee and tea-making facilities, a TV, air conditioning, a telephone, a safe, a hairdryer and a comfortable bed.

Question – What is a muster drill?

Answer – The muster drill is a health and safety presentation that you watch on the TV in the comfort of your cabin.  It explains the safety measures that as a passenger you have to adhere to and what you need to do in the case of an emergency.  It will also show you how to put on a life jacket and how you will be alerted to an emergency by the use of the ships-horn. On the inside of your cabin door is a map outlining where you will need to go, (your muster station) in the case of an emergency. To complete the muster procedure, you go to your designated muster station, where your key card will be scanned to show that you have completed the muster procedure.

Question – What is a Cruise key card?

Answer – A cruise key card looks like a credit card, it has your name on it and has multiple uses including opening your cabin door, making on-ship purchases, and is scanned whenever you leave the ship so the cruise line knows who is on or off the ship at any given time.

Question – Can I do my own laundry?

Answer – As we said earlier there is no self-service laundry but if you want to rinse out some items to freshen them up there is a retractable washing line in the shower cubicle. Make sure you pack some clothes pegs!

Question – Can I keep up with what’s going on in the world while away cruising?

Answer – All cabin TV’s have live news channels as well as sports news channels. They also have films and series box sets on demand, which are free to watch.

junior suite Marella Voyager
Us on balcony Marella Voyager

Food and Drink on a Marella Cruise - Frequently Asked Questions

Question – Do I have to pay for food?

Answer – All the food in the main dining rooms and the buffet restaurants are included, other included food around the ships are Nonna’s, Abuela’s, the Snack Shack and the Glass House.

Question – So are there any restaurants you have to pay for?

Answer – As well as the ‘included in your cruise fare dining’ there is also what’s called speciality dining. They are as follows, Kora La, Asian fusion, all ships,  Surf & Turf, Steak House all ships, Platter, and Silver Fork – Marella Voyager only, Sushi Bar on Marella ExplorerMarella Explorer 2Marella Discovery and Marella Discovery 2, and room service. These come at an additional cost and have to be booked in advance. For more Marella dining information check out our Marella Voyager dining guide here.

Question – Do I have to pay for drinks?

Answer – All Marella cruises are all-inclusive as standard. You can find out what drinks are covered by visiting our Marella drinks prices and packages post.

Question – My favourite drink is not on the standard all-inclusive what can I do?

Answer – You can either upgrade to the premium all-inclusive drinks package, which depending on the cruise can be as little as £10 per person, per day, or you can pay for the premium drinks individually. It’s easy to work out what will be best for you by checking out our Marella drinks post as mentioned above.

Question – Will I put on weight?

Answer – That is entirely up to you. First-time cruisers tend to go a bit mad with all the food that is available onboard, but the more you cruise the more you realise that eating nine meals a day is not really necessary.

Sandwiches marella
Yorkshire wraps Marella

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Marella Cruises Entertainment - Frequently Asked Questions

Question – Will I get bored on a cruise?

Answer – Entertainment ranges from daily quizzes, game shows, live music, west-end style shows, arts and crafts and so much more. Or you can just relax and enjoy the various swimming pools and hot tubs on board. You can read our full Marella Voyager entertainment guide here.

Question – Is all the entertainment on board free?

Answer – There are only three things entertainment wise that you have to pay for. One is the twice-weekly shows in The Exchange which currently costs £14.95, but that does include 3 speciality cocktails that are only available at this venue and are not part of the drinks package. The second is the ever-popular cruise favourite, Bingo, but of course this does come with a chance of winning some decent cash prizes. Last up is the casino which again does come with the chance of hitting the jackpot.

Question – What if I just want some quiet time?

Answer – There are numerous areas around all 5 ships where you can sit, read a book, do some arts and crafts, or just do nothing at all. It’s your cruise you can do pretty much whatever you want.

Question – Is smoking allowed in any of the entertainment areas?

Answer – Smoking is strictly prohibited in all the inside areas of the ship including your cabin. There is however, designated smoking areas in some of the outside spaces.

Rock show Marella Voyager
Chicago Marella Voyager
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Port Days on a Marella Cruise - Frequently Asked Questions

Question – Do I have to get off the ship on a port day?

Answer – What you do on a port day is entirely up to you. Sometimes it’s nice to stay on the ship as it will be far quieter, which provides you with the opportunity to explore areas of the ship that you might not have seen.

Question – If I do get off the ship in port can I do my own thing or do I have to book an excursion?

Answer – Again it’s your cruise and you are free to choose, however, if you are going to explore areas that are a distance from the ship make sure you are back in plenty of time for sail away.

Question – What if I am late back to ship?

Answer – The beauty of booking an excursion with the cruise line is that if you are delayed the ship will wait for you. However, if you are travelling independently and you return after the advertised sail away time the Captain is well within their rights to leave you behind, as a delayed departure could cost the cruise line thousands.

Port Grimald Marella Voyager

Marella Cruises Dress Codes - Frequently Asked Questions

Question – How formal is a Marella cruise?

Answer – Rest assured that Marella is one of, if not the most casual cruise line out there. There is a dress to impress night where you are encouraged to put on your glad rags but it’s certainly not a stuffy affair. We have a full run-down on Marella’s dress code here.

Wellbeing on a Marella Cruise - Frequently Asked Questions

Question – Can I keep fit on a Marella cruise?

Answer – Yes you can. All Marella ships have a well-equipped gym, and swimming pools.  There is also a running/walking track on the outside decks, plus fitness, yoga and meditation classes that are all included in your cruise fare.

Question – What if I become unwell on my cruise?

Answer – All Marella ships have a medical centre with doctors and nurses who can cope with most medical emergencies. However, if you do need to be transferred to a hospital on land this will be arranged.

We hope you found this post useful. If there are any other questions that you would like answered then please drop us an email at and we will answer them for you and add them to this post.

Gym Marella
Swimming pool at night Marella Voyager

We hope you found this post useful. If there are any other questions that you would like answered then please drop us an email at and we will answer them for you and add it to this post.


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